Turay Excited for Rutgers Future

Barringer High (Newark, N.J.) defensive end Kemoko Turay committed to Rutgers before playing a snap on the varsity level, but after a big senior season it was easy to see why the Scarlet Knights moved so quickly on him.

Kemoko Turay played football as a freshman, then took the next three years to develop his basketball game.

In the spring, he decided to go back to football, and 10 months later he is amazed at his path. The 6-foot-5, 215-pound Turay committed to Rutgers in the summer, before he played a varsity snap of football, and then showed why the Scarlet Knights were so quick to move on him with a stellar senior season.

Turay, who played at Barringer High (Newark, N.J.), had 105 tackles and 19 sacks. He was also credited with 24 quarterback hurries.

"I feel like I got much better, much faster and I motivated myself to do that because the people I was surrounded by helped me do it," Turay said. "I was surprised about that. I'm a team player and I want to win, and by (having success), it gave me more motivation to work even harder for the team and myself."

Turay was one of the half-dozen committed players to visit Rutgers the weekend of Dec. 8, where he was hosted by freshman linebacker Steve Longa, and the visit brought him into the program.

"By me going there for a few days, I felt connected to the program and I got to know the team and their personality and make new friends," Turay said. "I felt like I knew them for a year, and I felt connected to them. Watching them practice made me feel like I wanted to practice with them. I enjoyed watching the defensive ends, and how they react.

"It made me want to go to the school even more, and do what I have to do to get in there and help the team out, and show the team what I have. I need to work hard, gain more weight and get bigger. That's what I'm thinking about."

Turay's lack of strength is the biggest thing that will keep him from playing as a true freshman at Rutgers. He already added 10 pounds from his training camp frame, and during his visit to Rutgers defensive line coach Jim Panagos continually stressed the need for Turay to get bigger.

"He told me to keep eating," Turay said. "By me going there, I looked skinny compared to everyone else. He kept telling me to eat more."

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