Carter Talks to Shafer, Updates Status

The changes to the Syracuse coaching staff have forced some commits to consider other options. One of those is Rochester (NY) linebacker Devan Carter. The new Orange head coach reached out to him recently, and Carter detailed the conversation with

Syracuse commit Devan Carter was shocked by the news of Doug Marrone heading to Buffalo. It caused him to think about other schools he could play for amidst the uncertainty of the new staff. However, new head coach Scott Shafer reached out to Carter recently to make him more comfortable with the situation.

"It was a good conversation," the two-star prospect admitted. "We just talked about defense, how the direction of the kind of team he wants, and things like that. He asked about how I was doing. He knew I was stressed about the whole situation. He just wanted to see how I am with everything.

"It means a lot that he reached out to me because it just shows confidence that he still believes in me. That as a player he wants me to be there. That he believes in my abilities as a football player. That's really important to me. I'm still committed, it's just I'm unsure that's all."

This conversation was not the first time Carter and Shafer had spoken. They have been developing a relationship starting from the times he visited the Syracuse campus.

"I've talked to him when I came down to Syracuse a couple times," Carter recalled. "We had conversations. We talked on my official visit. We talked a couple other times. It's not the first time I've talked to him.

"He's a great guy. I've known him. From all the conversations I've had with the staff, he'd probably be the third most. It'd be (Tyrone) Wheatley then (Steve) Morrison then Shafer."

Carter is still planning on taking an official to Rutgers on January 25th despite the conversation. He feels he has to do his due diligence after the coaching change at Syracuse, but says he will not open himself up to any other schools.

"We (his family) were shocked when it happened (Doug Marrone leaving for the Buffalo Bills)," the Rochester (NY) product explained. "We were wondering what was going to happen and just unsure of everything. We just discussed me knowing Rutgers almost as long as Syracuse. So I talked to them for a little bit. I'm going to up there and see the facilities and see what kind of school is up there."

With Carter looking at Rutgers, the best thing the Orange could have done is hire from within in his mind. The hiring of Scott Shafer adds a comfort level for the 6-foot-2 prospect.

"I thought that was really import," Carter said. "I would have been way more iffy or uncertain about the situation if it was some new guy from a different place. That would mean he would hire more coaches I didn't know. I wouldn't have liked that."

Carter added that he is expecting the new Syracuse staff to visit him at his high school next week.

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