Arizona O-Lineman Big on BYU

He grew up an Arizona Wildcat fan, and the fact that Coach Anae was the offensive line coach there made it even better. Later, when Anae took the BYU job, and after serving a LDS mission to Salt Lake City, Josh Carter knew what college he needed to pursue. That college was BYU.

Earlier in the day, Coach Anae met with Arizona lineman Josh Carter for an in-home visit prior to an official trip out to Brigham Young University this weekend with around 23 other recruits.

"I just got done talking to Coach Anae and learned a lot about the integrity of the program, how it's run and about the type of players that go there," said Carter. "I'm excited to see more about the school."

New BYU offensive line coach and offensive coordinator Robert Anae sat down with Carter to give him the overall picture about BYU and what's expected.

"Sitting with him today, things that I've heard, and watching how Arizona played, you know, two years ago that offensive line wasn't expected to do a whole bunch because they were real young," said Carter. "They came out to play and they came back and played this past year really, really well. I think that says a lot about Coach Anae as a coach and a person. Sitting down with him it feels very real and he doesn't lie to you or give you that feeling that he isn't giving the full truth. He tells you how it is and explains things to you that make you feel comfortable. He was down here with his wife so he's a family man and I really like that as well."

Carter grew up in Arizona where his instate college of choice was the Wildcats of Arizona. However, after serving a two-year LDS mission his college interest began to turn more towards his church college BYU.

"I grew up in Tuscan and I'm an Arizona fan," Carter said. "I served a mission for my church, the LDS church, up in Salt Lake City and had some experiences up there while serving. When I came home this last Christmas break I just thought that BYU would be a great place to keep my spiritual well being intact. That was the biggest draw to BYU I had and I'm definitely looking forward to seeing how things goes with the team and how it all plays out."

Carter sandwiched his two-year LDS mission in between his freshman and sophomore junior college playing years. The situation put a pinch on his efforts to get noticed for the next level.

"When I came home from my mission I fell of the grid a little bit," said Carter. "When you're away for two years, after playing a year of football, you lose any recruiting traction you might have had. You have to try and put yourself back on after coming back to play the second year at the JUCO level. So, I played a year then went on my mission for two years than came home in June of last summer. I worked my butt of and tried to get back in shape."

During Carter's first year at Eastern Arizona, he came in at around 6'5, 305-pounds, but after serving his mission to Salt Lake City he dropped weight and played in final year at Eastern Arizona at around 260-pounds.

"I lost 50 pounds when I was out on my mission and played this past year at around 250 pounds to 260," he said. "Since the season, I've gained around 25 pounds already and have put on size. So, I'm around 280 right now and climbing back up, but before my mission I was around 305. At one point I was around 245 and that was the lightest I ever got."

It's much the same situation as 6-1, 245-pound linebacker Auston Johnson and Georgia defensive lineman Zach Barnes of Grayson High School. Part of the offer process is actually being on campus to see if it's a place where they would want to be.

"Yeah, it's like an offer of intent so to speak," said Carter with a laugh.

When Carter awoke this morning, the thought that he could be sitting in the office with BYU's head coach to receive a full ride scholarship offer from Coach Mendenhall caused his stomach to stir.

"When I woke up this morning and had those nervous butterflies really bad this morning," said Carter. "I have a good friend who is an institute teacher and he gave me a blessing this morning. After that I've been fine ever since. I've felt calm about the whole process and feel really good now about meeting with Coach Mendenhall.

"I've heard the stories about sitting across the table with Coach Mendenhall and how he'll talk little about football and more about your spiritual life and about your family. I feel good about that, you know. I've worked hard over these past few years and came as close to God as I could by helping others. I loved my mission and learned so much while being out there. I've lived those correct principles that were taught to me by my parents, so I'm really looking forward to sitting down and talking to Coach Mendenhall."

While Anae was at Arizona, Carter followed Anae's progress within the program. Once he switch over to BYU, he thought it was destiny and soon began an effort to reach Arizona's recruiting area coach, Paul Tidwell.

"I first got in contact with Coach Tidwell after hearing about Coach Anae switching over to BYU. He said, ‘Let me see some film," Carter said. "So, I sent him a link and he looked at it. I didn't have a whole of size this season like I had in years past, but my family told me not to give up so I didn't. I might not have made the biggest, fantastic hit of the season, but I push my guy out of the way and stay on him like glue. Once I was done with him I would move onto the next level. I think that's what caught their eyes. I was talking to Coach Anae today that we're going to hit hard and run fast, and I said, ‘Okay, I can do that.'"

So this weekend big 6-5, 280-pound Josh Carter will find out if he has an offer or not. If we can learn anything from history, he's in good company that this will more than likely be the case.

"That's the hope so we'll see," he said. "They showed me some picture of what to expect out there at BYU. I expect to see some awesome facilities where I can try and do my best to become an All-American for these coaches. I expect to have a good time and that's all I'm expecting."

In regards to hoping he'll receive a scholarship while meeting with Coach Mendenhall, it always looks good when you receive two thumbs up by two of BYU's assistant coaches.

"I talked to Coach Anae and Coach Tidwell and they gave me the thumbs up," said Carter. "I still have to talk to Coach Mendenhall and he's the one that gives the scholarships. So, I have to be ready for that this weekend. When I get to talking to him this weekend hopefully he'll offer me."

And once he gets that coveted BYU offer will he commit on the spot?

"Well, once I get that offer I don't see why not," Carter said. "They talked about center and right tackle being open right now, so we'll see what happens."

Stay tuned Cougar fans!

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