Watkins planning visits

2014 Bishop Dunne High School standout Nick Watkins collected an early offer from LSU, in addition to numerous other schools. Watkins discusses the contact he has had with the LSU staff and which schools he is considering for visits.

The last several months have been a time for 2014 cornerback Nick Watkins to realize just how crazy the recruiting process can be. The 6-1 190 pound prospect is expected to be one of the top players in the state of Texas for 2014, after already garnering a four-star rating. Watkins, a standout at Bishop Dunne High School in the Dallas area, explained that the recruiting process has been indescribable, as countless college coaches have made their presence known around Watkins.

"I can't really explain the recruiting process because I have no words to describe it," said Watkins. "There are so many new coaches wanting to talk to me by coming to the school and things. I think there are around three a day that come up to the school. It's just a blessing."

While Watkins has collected numerous offers so far in the process, including one from LSU, he explained that he would love to hear more from the Tigers. Watkins would love an opportunity to express his interest in the Bayou Bengals to their coaching staff.

"I haven't really gotten a chance to speak with them," said Watkins. "I don't really have a means to get in touch with them. I haven't talked to any coaches on the phone at this point."

"They are sending me a lot of mail and things, but other than that I haven't really had a chance to talk to them and explain how interested in them I am. I would love an opportunity to be able to do that."

Watkins explained that the interest he has in LSU was easy to come by. The Tigers have proved to Watkins that they know how to develop players in the secondary, and he believes that his situation would be no different if he chose the Tigers."

"They've had two top picks in the secondary over the last couple of years," said Watkins. "They have a couple of other ones that will get drafted this year. They would make me a great defensive back if I were to go there."

"That is what they are known for. They compete nationally every year and Tiger Stadium is just crazy. I haven't ever been to a game there, so it is definitely on my list of things to do."

One thing that Watkins would like to do in the near future is visit LSU. Even though he hasn't gotten all of his mail from his high school coach at this point, Watkins expects there to be an invite to one of the LSU junior days among the letters, something he would love to attend.

"I mean they have probably sent me something about it," said Watkins. "My coaches haven't given me a lot of the letters yet. If I get something from them about it, then I would go, but I'll just have to see."

Aside from wanting to visit LSU, Watkins explained that there are a few other schools that he would like to attend junior days at.

"I'm going to try to go to Baylor and Texas for sure," said Watkins. "I don't know about any other junior days. I'm thinking about going to Alabama, but that depends on if my dad would be able to go with me."

Given the fact that he has collected numerous offers, Watkins explained that he has been a little too overwhelmed to start thinking about narrowing things down, something he hopes to accomplish over the summer.

"Everyone is on an even playing field," said Watkins. "I haven't really even gotten into the thick of things yet and thought about it. I'll probably narrow things down in July and start thinking about more serious visits then."

Watkins would like to make sure that he has plenty of time to make the correct college choice. Because of this, Watkins hopes to make his decision in early 2014, on a day that is very special to him.

"I want to make my decision in January of next year," said Watkins. "I don't think I want to go and do it at a game or anything. I would love to do it on my birthday at the end of January."

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