Official visit a 10 out of 10 for Ragin

This past Friday, the "Oregon Four" - consisting of top rated offensive lineman Brayden Kearsley, safety Dallin Leavitt, receiver Tanner Shipley and linebacker Johnny Ragin - flew out together for their official visit to BYU. Ragin, considered a soft commit, rated the trip a perfect 10.

It was an early start for Johnny Ragin and his BYU recruit friends from the state of Oregon.

"We left Friday morning and we got there around eight in the morning," said Ragin. "I got on a plane with Dallin [Leavitt], Brayden [Kearsley], Tanner [Shipley] and my mom [Ruth], and we got there around eight in the morning to Salt Lake City. We got to BYU and met with some academic advisors and filled out our applications that needed to be worked on. We did that kind of stuff and handled all the school business.

"Then we met up with some other recruits and went and had lunch. We finished up the day just talking and hanging out with the hosts and stuff like that."

On the first day visiting BYU's campus, Ragin's host was freshman wide receiver Terenn Houk.

"[Houk] was a really nice guy, but on the second day it was Kyle [Van Noy] and Ross [Apo]."

Putting Van Noy and Apo together to host would be a lot o fun if you were the recruit being hosted. The two are like Laurel and Hardy, or like Craig and Day Day from Friday After Next when together.

"We just hung out and they talked to me about the program that I had," Ragin said. "I had some questions about academics. They did a good job of answering some questions about some things I didn't know before. They were just some typical questions I had. I was with Brayden and we all just kind of hung out and had a good time, and we met up with Dallin and Tanner a little later."

And of course Ragin hit the hills to ride some snowmobiles.

"We went snowmobiling earlier in the day and that was a cool experience," Ragin said. "Then later that day we went to dinner and then to a basketball game at the Marriott Center. It was pretty packed but not packed fully. It was a pretty good experience."

Ragin visited Cal Berkley last week, but still remains committed to BYU.

"I went to Cal last week and I'm committed to BYU," Ragin said. "I have the Cal staff coming in doing an in home visit [Tuesday] and then I have Coach Poppinga and Coach Atuaia coming in on Tuesday for an in-home visit here. Then I'm looking to kind of finalize everything and then sit down with my mom and finalize everything. "

Ragin has been to BYU quite a few times for Junior Day activities and has attended practices during unofficial visits. In looking back over his official visit to BYU, Ragin enjoyed the overall experience.

"Oh yean, I mean, it was a great visit out there to BYU and it was a lot of fun," said Ragin. "I got to connect with a lot of the players and coaches and got to sit down with Coach Mendenhall. I mean, yeah, I had a great time and I love BYU. I'm committed there, so I love it. I had a good time and I just have some things to think about."

Ragin loved his visit to BYU so much that on a scale from one to 10, he gave his visit a perfect score.

"Definitely a 10," he said. "I had a great time."

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