Mullens Finds The Right Fit

A former UAB commit has found his home in Hattiesburg, and a weekend visit sealed the deal for Nick Mullens. Today he talked with about his commitment and his future with the Golden Eagles.

Nick Mullens informed us late tonight that he has flipped from UAB to Southern Miss.

The talented QB from Spain Park, AL, has found the perfect fit at Southern Miss. After a weekend visit with the Eagles, he's now committed to Southern Miss.

The connection just seemed right for Mullens, who has found the perfect match in the coaches at Southern Miss. His weekend visit was one that helped it all come together.

"The weekend was great," he explained. "It started off with dinner with Coach Arroyo and that helped set the table for everything else.

"We talked about football a lot and just got to know them. Southern Miss has great support and they have great facilites and that was something I was real interested in.

"Over the weekend I had a chance to talk to Coach Monken a lot, and I found out that the system I ran in High School was the system I'll run at Southern Miss. They are very similar. Everything just was very good for me, and he's going to do things the right way and it was what I wanted in a coach and school."

Also key to his commitment was the relationship he formed with the players, and a guy who took a hard road to a scholarship, Bruce Johnson.

"Bruce was my host and he was a former walk-on who now has a scholarship," he said. "He had a tougher road to his career at Southern Miss, but he showed me around and gave me a lot of valuable information.

"I loved the guys. He introduced me to a bunch of them and we got along real well and had a lot in common. I just enjoyed the entire time with them."

Mullens decided to go ahead and make the flip to Southern Miss imediately after the weekend. There was no doubt in his mind that he had made the right move for him.

"It was really all of it," he said. "There is so much opportunity at Southern Miss, and I have an opportunity to go in and compete for a job in an offense that I feel very comfortable with.

"With that right there, there is no reason why I should not take that opportunity. The quality and history of the program, fan support, and great education. This program has greatness all around it, and that is why I'm a Golden Eagle."

Mullen said that he's the type of quarterback that will be a perfect fit in the new system Coach Monken is bringing in.

"I take pride in leadership and our team might not have been the most athletic, but I made sure we bonded together," he said.

"We ended up having a strong finish, and that is what I am thankful about our team effort. I'm a quarterback who makes quick decisions, and one of the most important aspects of being a good quarterback is accuracy.

"That is one thing I take pride in. I want to give my receivers the chance to make plays, and that is why Coach Monken and I hit it off so well."

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