FCA Coaches Take- Carter, Walker and Gray

FCA coach Aazaar Abdul-Rahim talks about his three Terps commitments.

Three players in Maryland's 2013 recruiting class played at Friendship Collegiate Academy. TSR caught up with Friendship head coach Aazar Abdul-Rahim to get his thoughts on these recruits, Jermaine Carter, Cavon Walker, and Derwin Gray.

Jermaine Carter- Middle Linebacker 6'2”, 220 lbs.

What type of player is Jermaine?

Jermaine is probably our most valuable player. He is extremely instinctive and intelligent. He plays with a lot of anger, but it's controlled anger.

What type of person is Jermaine off the field?

Jermaine is a great kid that demands respect by his demeanor.

How do you think Jermaine fits in with Marylands defensive scheme?

He fits in fine, he played the same type of defense this year, the 3-4. Some of the stuff we did this year he's going to do up there, obviously in more detail but I think he'll fit in just fine.

Do you think Jermaine is ready to get on the field at the college level? What does he need to do to improve on?

I think he's going to get in; I think he'll play early. Jermaine just needs to get a little bigger, I think he has everything else. He's always working on getting bigger, faster, and stronger.

Cavon Walker- Outside linebacker, ranked 108th OLB, 6'2”, 215 lbs.

What type of player is Cavon?

He's our most athletic and fastest linebacker. He can play in space pretty easily. He's got great hands, he would've been a pretty good tight end if he was a couple inches taller. He's just working on tackling in space, at the point of attack, getting bigger.

What type of person is Cavon off the field?

Cavon is a great kid, easy going, playful, smiling a lot.

Do you this Cavon is ready to get on the field at the college level? What does he need to improve on?

I don't really know what they have as far as depth at the outside. It's really going to depend on the depth. I think it would suit him to red shirt but I wouldn't be surprised if he's on the field.

Derwin Gray- Tackle, Ranked #7 OT, 6'5” 265 lbs.

What type of player is Derwin?

Derwin is a physical specimen; he's a kid that can make every block. He's a kid that is good enough to block whoever is in front of him, whether it's a fierce pass rusher or someone who is a little bigger and can bull rush. He has a real great opportunity to play at a high level, beyond just college if he does what he's supposed to do on and off the field, continues to peak, and doesn't get complacent.

What type of person is Derwin off the field?

He has an easygoing personality, real laid back kind of guy. He's someone who could blend in any type of environment.

Do you think Derwin is ready to be a college level offensive lineman? What could he most improve on?

I think he's ready. I think it's not going to matter I think there's such a need up there that he's going to be competing for a position. He could work on a lot of things because the position that he's going in and playing is so technical as you get older and get coached, coach Bratton is a real good coach, technique is paramount. Also him just staying hungry, a lot of times when you're as gifted as he is you don't have to play 100% in high school and you're still going to look dominant, so him being able to step up and play against people of his caliber and how he responds to it I think is going to be important.

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