TE Flanagan Recaps Rutgers Visit

West Morris Mendham (N.J.) tight end Matt Flanagan returned from his official visit to Rutgers and said he is close to deciding between walk-on opportunities at Rutgers or Northwestern. He went in-depth on the visit and talked about what stood out.

West Morris Mendham (N.J.) High tight end Matt Flanagan left his Rutgers visit in the same mindset he left the one he took to Northwestern a few weeks ago.

The 6-foot-6, 233-pound Flanagan left feeling very good about the school he just visited.

"After I went on my Northwestern visit, I was really leaning that way, especially the first day after it," Flanagan said. "After the Rutgers visit, I'm leaning that way. But after being separated from that program for a day, you kind of sit back and take in what both really have to offer."

However, Flanagan, who is being recruited as a preferred walk-on to both schools, said he will decide in the next few days after sitting down with his family.

"I'd like to make a decision very soon," he said. "I don't think I'll be doing that tonight. It's Super Bowl Sunday. I want to be able to sit down with my mother because she hasn't been able to come on these visits with me, and talk through my thinking, see what they see as positives and what they see as negatives, and what I see as positives and I see as negatives."

Flanagan, who is more of a blocking tight end but can develop into a pass catcher as well, was hosted by Rutgers tight end Paul Carrezola.

And while Flanagan made several official visits to campus prior to the weekend, the official visit gave him a different perspective.

"It went great. I learned a lot," he said. "I've been to Rutgers before, but I think going on these official visits and spending time with the staff of the people behind Rutgers football and the players gives me a lot of input values for this decision."

Flanagan previously made official visits to Columbia, Pennsylvania and Northwestern, so he knew the basic layout of a trip.

However, he said each recruit and his family being driven around campus on a black SUV gave it a different feel.

"It's like going in a presidential (motorcade)," Flanagan said. "I think one of the really cool things they did that I hadn't gotten a chance to do at any other place was the first night we did kind of a family-style dinner. We got to sit down with players and coaches and everybody got to talk.

"At the beginning, coach (Kyle) Flood stood up and said, ‘Everybody in the room, stand up and you're your name, your position you play, where you are from and something interesting about yourself.' I really liked being able to hear from everybody in the room. There were interesting people, interesting facts, and some of them were pretty ridiculous. It gives more family sense to the program than I had seen before."

Flanagan also was impressed by several of the presentations Rutgers held outside of football.

"I learned a lot about the programs available that are specific about what I would like to get involved with for research opportunities and networking possibilities," he said. "I think it helped me understand the great tools Rutgers gives you and are at your fingertips.

"Talking with the professor was great. Talking with the dean was great, and the presentation (assistant director/football coordinator) Jenna Beverly and her staff put together was very informative."

There was also a media presentation handled by senior associate athletic director/media relations Jason Baum.

"It was done by Jason Baum, and it was good," Flanagan said. "That's something that is unique. Not any other place gets you involved with that …and I think it's a very crucial thing. Not only are you learning to deal with reporters, but also real-life situations with interviews."

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