Johnson Gaining Momentum

2014 Wheaton Academy lineman Taylor Johnson talks about the latest in his recruitment and more -- check it out inside.

One of the up and coming prospects in Illinois, Wheaton Academy junior offensive lineman Taylor Johnson has a deep love for football.

"I grew up playing youth football and I liked it," Johnson said. "I liked the sport and I liked the contact -- then I went to Wheaton academy and freshman year I played sophomore football, then sophomore year I played varsity and that helped me prepare for junior year."

Another reason why he loves football?

"Football just helps me get my aggression out, and it is awesome to play with my teammates," Johnson said.

As for his junior season at Wheaton Academy, Johnson thinks he made several steps forward.

"We were 4-5 this year, we did okay," Johnson said. "The season helped me prepare for next season and then it was a big help with a new football coach, he was a big help with training, lifting and running and working on your form."

Johnson prides himself in his ability to be a good teammate, and that is one of his favorite parts of his game.

"I would describe myself as a good teammate and I don't complain, My coaches tell me I have a good fist step and get down pretty well in my stance," Johnson said. "Sophomore year was the year that it helped me get lower, and I definitely did that this year."

Johnson has several things he is planning on working on going into his senior year as well.

"I am about 272-pounds right now and I am working on improving on my 40, my running, and my lifting," Johnson said. "I am trying to improve mentally and physically before my senior year." And schools are beginning to take notice of Johnson.

"Right now the big one is Northern Illinois that I am hearing from a lot," Johnson said. "I am pretty sure that I will go there to camp, they dropped by the school to visit me too."

He added, "I would like to hear from Big Ten schools, and location doesn't really matter as long as it's the right fit."

One of the schools in particular that Johnson likes? Has a lot to do with the play of the offensive line.

"I guess I like colleges that are a good fit for me," Johnson said. "For example, I like Wisconsin's offense and the way they run things on the line."

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