Gibbons hoping for Notre Dame offer

Offensive tackle Reilly Gibbons of St. Petersburg (Fla.) and his father discuss the exciting possibility of receiving a Notre Dame offer and break down how Reilly has become a talented offensive line prospect in such a short period of time.

St. Petersburg Catholic (St. Petersburg, Fla.) offensive tackle Reilly Gibbons was told something as a kid that not too many football players get told.

"Reilly wanted to play football as a kid, but he was told he was too big to play, so he started playing basketball," Reilly's father, Shannon Gibbons said. "I tell Reilly he's got to realize that he's just going to get better because he just started playing football two years ago. Most kids have a head start on him."

Gibbons is the starting center for St. Petersburg Catholic, a team making a run in Florida's 5A state playoffs. However, football is where he really excels. Gibbons has more than 30 scholarship offers, but an offer that Gibbons does not yet tout, however would gladly welcome, is from Notre Dame.

"He [Reilly] talks to Notre Dame quite often," Gibbons said. "He talked to Coach [Tony] Alford last week. You know, Coach Alford was the first guy to tell him that he would develop into a wonderful offensive lineman. Reilly had great hands when he played tight end, but he didn't have elite speed. And, Notre Dame uses their tight ends to stretch the field."

Reilly Gibbons says the switch from tight end to offensive tackle wasn't all that difficult, and Coach Alford is in the process of reviewing his junior film.

"I'm a natural left-hander, and the technical stuff came easily, so biggest change was the change of my jersey number," Reilly Gibbons said.

Shannon Gibbons says his son holds offers from some of the nation's premier programs because he's dominated talented competition.

"Reilly's done really well at combines and I think's that's got people interested," Gibbons said. "Going one-on-one is his strength. He's made the transition [to offensive tackle] really well. He's had to compete for that starting spot on the team like everyone else."

Even during basketball season, Gibbons is working towards improving his game on the gridiron.

"He's working on his explosion, punch, flexibility and footwork," Gibbons said. "I'm his strength coach and he has a speed coach at school. He's 6-foot-6, 275-pounds right now, but he'll pop after basketball season ends. In the past year, he's gone from 240 pounds to 275 pounds. He's got a lean body type, so he can get up to 305 pounds and still be fast."

Reilly is keeping his options open at the moment, and says he'll commit when he feels comfortable.

"I don't really have any favorites right now," Gibbons said. "Basketball season makes it difficult to plan any visits, but I'd love to visit Notre Dame as an offered athlete. I'm an Irish Catholic boy and grew up a Notre Dame fan."

Reilly and his older sister both plan on following in their mother's footsteps and attending law school.

"His siblings love him to death," Gibbons said. "His older sister will be going to law school the same time Reilly will be going to college, and they want to go to the same school. Their dreams are merging together."

Gibbons is a three-star prospect and ranked as the No. 28 offensive tackle in 2014.

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