Mountain Pointe Trio Looking at Visits

The Mountain Pointe trio have yet to finalize any unofficial visits when they swing into California at the beginning of next month, but there is one school that looks like it could have the inside track.

6-foot-2, 300-pound, four-star offensive guard Natrell Curtis is part of a high-powered trio out of Phoenix (Ariz.) Mountain Pointe – the same school that last recruiting cycle produced four-star UCLA offensive tackle signee Kenny Lacy.

Curtis, four-star wide receiver Jalen Brown and cornerback Dominique Fenstermacher are all headed north next month to take part in the Los Angeles NIKE camp, but the trio may very well take at least a side trip or two.

"Me, my friends Jalen Brown and Dominique Fenstermacher, we planned a trip to go down there for the NIKE camp on March 10," Curtis said. "We've talked about getting to visit just a few places while we're there, but we've only just talked about it. We do want to visit two or so on unofficials."

While Curtis told Cal Sports Digest on Tuesday night that he and his two compatriots were unsure where exactly they would go, he was certain that the schools in question would come out of a pool of four -- California, Stanford, UCLA and USC.

"We're all just going to talk it over," Curtis said. "If it were up to me, I'd visit all of them."

The Bears offered Curtis just over a week ago, and are expected to offer Brown quite soon, as well. Curtis, for his part, has opened up quite a dialogue with offensive line coach Zach Yenser recently.

"I've been talking to Coach Zach -- me and him have been calling back and forth, I message him on Facebook, stuff like that," Curtis said. "We're getting a pretty good relationship going. I didn't know this was his first year, but that's pretty good. I think he seems like a pretty cool guy. Cal is still a great, great program. They've got a lot of history, but other than that, I don't know too much about them, yet."

Curtis is just now starting to look into colleges as the recruiting cycle starts, but says that "Cal is definitely a school I could see myself looking into more."

"It's still early," Curtis said. "I'm only just starting to look into schools, but Cal is definitely still one that I can see myself looking into."

Curtis says that he would prefer to play his college ball in the state of California, and said that he is impressed by all four major institutions in the Golden State.

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