Brown hoping for BYU offer

Summit High School wide receiver and track athlete Erik Brown has been on the BYU recruiting radar for some time now. The speedy Southern Californian hopes that he'll receive a scholarship offer from BYU. That way, he could be reunited with a childhood friend he sees more as a brother.

There's a lot of talent in the Inland Empire, including 6-foot-1-inch, 172-pound receiver Erik Brown, who plays more than just wide receiver for the Summit High School SkyHawks.

"Last year we were more of a running team so we didn't throw the ball as much," said Brown. "Whenever I got the ball I felt like I had to make the most of it and averaged around 20 yards a catch. I probably scored around five touchdowns.

"On punt return I averaged around 30 yards a pop, so I felt like I did pretty good there. Then I also played defense. I had one interception because they never threw to my side of the field. I played corner and free safety."

While Brown plays both ways for Summit High School, he prefers playing on offense.

"I prefer playing wide receiver over cornerback even though I can play both," he said. "I just like running routes and beating people one-on-one and catching the ball. I just feel like it's more my calling and what I'm supposed to do."

A member of the 2014 class, Brown currently doesn't have any offers but does have a number of schools looking at him.

"As far as interest, I have UCLA, Washington, Boise State is looking at me, BYU, Cal and Arizona State," said Brown. "Arizona State, I just talked with them recently. Then Texas Tech is also showing interest in me. Most of them are still in the evaluation process, but Arizona State, Cal, UCLA and BYU are showing the most interest."

Brown has a very close connection to BYU. He and Cougar running back Jamaal Williams played together in high school.

"I know Jamaal really well. He's like my cousin or my older brother," said Brown. "Me and Jamaal are like family and if you ask him he'll tell you the same thing. In fact, I was at Mrs. Williams', his mother's house, last night visiting. We grew up together and they're like family to me."

The two friends make it a point to keep in touch, and even hang out when possible.

"When Jamaal comes home I always make it a point to go see Jamaal," said Brown. "We'll hang out at the house or go to the mall together. It's always a lot of fun to meet up with my bro when he comes home."

Brown also makes it a point to follow Williams' career at BYU.

"He did some amazing things last season and I'm really proud of him," said Brown. "I watched every one of his games last year. In fact, I went out to BYU last year with him mom, Nichole Williams. I went out when they played Idaho."

Brown gave Williams glowing remarks for his performance during his freshman season

"My overall opinion is he's just a ruthless animal on the field," Brown said. "He's so determined, it's like his mind is blank when he's out there on the field. I honestly didn't expect him to do so well his first year out there. I knew he had the potential because of his size, but I really didn't expect it because they have so many running backs out there."

While in Provo, Brown was able to see the BYU campus.

"I got a chance to walk around campus with Jamaal and his roommate, who's on a mission right now, and a coach," said Brown. "The coach took us on a tour of the campus and it was really nice out there. It was fun and amazing.

"It was good to see from all the years of us running track together to now that he's in college how good he's doing. It was just a lot of fun and the people were nice and friendly. Everyone loves Jamaal out there. They call him ‘Baby-J' because he's so young. I'm just happy to see him doing so well and BYU is a great place to be."

Meanwhile, Brown has caught the attention of the Cougar coaches with his own play.

"They like my film and they like my physique and my speed," said Brown. "They know me and Jamaal are really close and they've met me when I went up there last year. They know everything about me, and I know Jamaal loves it out there. He tells me that every time a coach asks about Erik Brown, he'll call me and tell me. He tells me that I have to get up there with him – it has to be like old times, so I have to get up there with him. I need to get up there with him. That's what we talk about."

Aside from football, Brown is also a very good track runner.

"Yes sir, running track is what I love to do and it's actually my first love," he said. "I ran track with Jamaal when he still in high school. I run the 200 and the 100 meters. I also run the 4x400 and the 4x100. I ran those with Jamaal last year.

"My 200-meter time my sophomore year was a 22.1, because I'm going to start running it again for my senior year, and as far as my 100-meter time, I ran a 10.8."

Running a 10.8 in the 100 meters is pretty fast. Glendale High School wide receiver and BYU signee Michael Davis recorded a 10.67 in the 100 meters, finishing seventh in the California state championship.

Given his connection to BYU, Brown is very interested in the school.

"Yes, I am hoping that BYU offers me and that I have that opportunity to play with Jamaal," said Brown. "I would love to play with my big brother again. I'm really hoping they do offer me at some point. Jamaal tells me to do everything right on and off the field and to keep my grades right, and we'll be playing together again."

And how is Brown doing in the classroom?

"I have a 3.0 [GPA] and I'll be taking the ACT in April," he said. "I have to keep working hard to improve so I can have those opportunities like Jamaal."

Although Brown has already been out to BYU's campus, he wants to make a return trip. In fact, he might not have a choice in the matter.

"Yeah, I'm definitely coming out for BYU's Junior Day and I might take another unofficial visit out there as well," Brown said. "I actually had a track meet out in Fresno and I talked to Mrs. Williams. She said she was going to pick me up and take me out there to BYU for their Junior Day whether I want to or not. She's going to take me out there, so I'll be out there with Jamaal and Momma Williams."

Mrs. Williams has been doing a little arm-twisting with Brown.

"Exactly, she's already started," said Brown with a laugh. "She's twisting my arm and honestly, I'm not resisting it. I'm actually welcoming it."

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