Williams on the rise

It might not have happened as quickly as he would have liked, but T.V. Williams' offer list is quickly growing.

McKinney (Texas) is Dallas suburb and is known to produce some quality football talent. T.V. Williams is the latest and probably the fastest too. Williams has been spending a lot of time on the phone returning college coaches' messages to have him call them.

"I have been talking to a lot of coaches," Williams said. "I have been getting a lot of messages to call coaches back and the only time I have to do it is in the evenings.

"I have picked up some new offers too. I picked up offers from Cal, Nebraska and Texas State. That makes four offers to go with Houston."

Williams was excited to get his first offer not just for the offer itself, but looking down the road a little bit and a possible snowball effect. It didn't immediately happen. It's taking off now though for Williams.

"It's taking off right now. When I got the Houston offer I thought it would explode. It didn't so I sat back and learned how to not get too worried about it. It was very early.

"I think that there are still kids that will get offers that don't have any yet. It just blew up for me last week. My coach couldn't believe it. There is a ton of relief; weight is off my shoulders."

The 5-foot-10 and 150-pound wide receiver is a low, 4.4/40 guy which will get him on a lot of peoples' boards based on speed alone. Williams says that's his biggest strength and he considers himself one of the fastest receivers in Texas.

"I think that my strength is my speed. Speed is something that you can't coach. I am really proud of it. I work extremely hard to keep it up. I like to think that I am one of the fastest receivers in Texas.

"Most of the coaches like me most to be the slot guy for them. But, they have told me that they do feel comfortable putting me out wide so I can go deep and really stretch the field."

There have already been a couple of opportunities for Williams to get out and take a couple of trips. He took two last weekend and while he doesn't have any upcoming trips set he says that he wants to see the other schools that have offered him.

"I went to Oklahoma State last Saturday and to Texas State on Sunday. I don't have anything else set up, but I plan on setting up some unofficial visits to Cal, Nebraska and Houston. See all of the schools that have offered me."

Williams has seen a disturbing trend that he says will affect his college decision. He's looking for some indicators that the coaching staff is going to be at a school for the long-term and not up and leave after he gets there.

"This year really made it clear to me what the focal part of my decision needs to be and that's coaching stability. This year there were so many coaches leaving and moving. I don't want that happening to me."

The offer from Nebraska was a pleasant surprise. He and his coach, Tim McFadden who is the former director of program development at Nebraska, had talked about if Nebraska did offer. He said that he was very excited to come back and give his coach the good news about the Huskers offering.

"I got the offer from Nebraska last Thursday. I loved the offer because it was unexpected. As soon as the Nebraska coach said they were offering I immediately thought of Rex Burkhead. And one of my coaches was at Nebraska. I know it's an awesome place.

"He told me that if I go up to Lincoln for the spring game that there is going to be 65,000 fans in the stadium just to watch their spring game. I think that's crazy. I couldn't believe it."

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