Texas Signing Class: Deoundrei Davis

LonghornDigest.com breaks down each member of the Texas 2013 signing class.

We don't like to admit it, but we all have favorites in every recruiting class. Not necessarily from a personality standpoint, but in terms of loving to watch a certain player or players play. And that's the way I feel about Deoundrei Davis. Every time I turned on his tape, I wanted to sit back, grab some popcorn and just watch. Because I think that Texas grabbed a top-15 player in the state in Davis, yet at the same time, somebody that many people aren't talking about.

With the Big 12 boasting a bevy of spread offenses, it's important to find defenders (especially linebackers and safeties) who can stay on the field in passing situations. And Davis, who has outstanding fluidity and change of direction for a linebacker, is one of those players.

But he isn't a bulked-up safety either. Davis has natural linebacker instincts that help him to diagnose and snuff out plays in the backfield, and the speed and acceleration to take advantage of those instincts. He's also a tremendous hitter, a player who seems to get a tick faster as he closes in on the ball-carrier and accelerates through him. He might not quite be the pure athlete that somebody like Peter Jinkens is, but he's not far off, and Jinkens doesn't have Davis's ability to diagnose, nor his pure hitting ability.

Linebacker was arguably THE primary issue for Texas in 2012, and while that figures to change as the group gains more experience, it's also important to continue to add talented players to the mix. Davis enrolled early, and while he won't take part in spring practice with an injury, don't sleep on the "mental reps" that he'll be able to accumulate. Davis is an outstanding pickup, and for my money, the best in-state outside linebacker in the 2013 class.

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