Brandon Dawkins Dives In, Talks Latest

Westlake Village (Calif.) Oaks Christian quarterback Brandon Dawkins has two big offers but could reel in more in no time. He goes in-depth on his offers and other potential suitors here.

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Brandon Dawkins is one of those prospects you'll hear the word "ceiling" thrown around his name a lot. At six-foot-four, 215-pounds Dawkins has a frame that will grow into something special. His arm is solid and he's extremely mobile but he needs to improve in the most important part of the game for any quarterback, decision making.

National Recruiting Analyst Greg Biggins says of Dawkins' skills:

"He has Cam Newton size and arm strength but struggled a bit with his consistency last season. There is no question he has all the physical tools you could want and is a great teammate and leader, he just needs to clean up his accuracy and decision- making. If he can do that, sky's the limit."

And Dawkins' potential is certainly garnering him attention at the next level. Notre Dame and Utah are his only offers on the table as of now but more programs are beginning to show interest.

Dawkins doesn't speak about specifics of the programs interested in him until he receives an offer but he does says "almost all" of the Pac-12 and SEC schools are interested.

As far as his two offers right now, Dawkins broke both of them down extensively.

The Irish: "They're great. I was there for the Stanford game last year and I really loved my trip. It was an amazing campus with amazing facilities and a great place to be. Other than football, it's known for being a place to have a great degree from. I really love it there and I feel at home."

One connection Notre Dame will undoubtedly play up is former Oaks Christian quarterback Jimmy Clausen.

"I loved what they did with Jimmy," Dawkins said. "Just the way they worked with him and got him to the league. I've known him for awhile so that's a good thing."

As far as the Utes of Utah go, Dawkins says they're not as far behind as people think they would be when comparing his two offers.

On Utah: "I also went there for a game last season and had a great time. Coach Brian Johnson is recruiting me and he's a really cool guy. He's young and really relatable. I have a really good relationship with him and I love the way he handles the team and I enjoy talking to him. A lot of people think Notre Dame is the easy call of my two offers but Utah is definitely on my radar. I really love it down there and it's an amazing school."

So as the off-season continues Dawkins will continue to work towards more offers while honing his skills. Right now, he's far from satisfied but recognizes how he he has improved over the past few years.

"In all aspects," Dawkins said of where his game has improved. "I feel like I'm at the stage when I'm growing, adding muscle, and becoming more comfortable throwing the ball. My ball has more velocity on it so I can squeeze it in tighter windows and my footwork has been improving each year."

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