NLA 7on7: All-Tournament Defense

A look at the top defensive performers during the NLA Elite 7on7 in Las Vegas...

LB Dwight Williams, Eastbay GameBreakers
Those his team didn't have a great weekend, it wasn't because of the defense, and Williams was one of the best defenders there.  Already a physical linebacker, Williams did a great job in coverage and showed improved athleticism all weekend.

LB Chandler Leniu, Team AIGA
The MVP of the tournament, Leniu was terrific all weekend, especially on Sunday when AIGA needed big plays in the semifinals, breaking up a key pass in the final minute to secure the victory, and tipping two passes for interceptions.  A bigtime hitter, Leniu showed this weekend how good he can be in coverage.

LB Tyler Cook, Frat Boyz
Cook was one of the top backers over the weekend, and was a key reason why the Frat Boyz advanced to the quarterfinals, showing good coverage ability during the tournament.

LB Sam Bodine, NEI South
A big and athletic outside linebacker, Bodine was stellar all weekend and showed he's a strong cover linebacker.

DB Jaleel Wadood, Snoop Dogg All-Stars
Playing safety for the Snoop Dogg All-Stars, Wadood was a part of one of the better secondaries in the tournament and showed great closing speed and good ball skills, especially on the first day.

DB Naijiel Hale, Snoop Dogg All-Stars
Possibly the most consistent corner in the tournament, Hale is a big and physical corner who was terrific in press and did a good job locking down his receiver.

DB Kavika Fonua, Utah One
Made a name for himself last year, sealing Team Utah's championship with an interception and returned to help lead a team that didn't give up a touchdown in the playoffs until the quarterfinals.  Had a couple of interceptions and took them to the semifinals and is an under-the-radar prospect.

DB Aaron Washington, NEI South
One of the sleeper prospects who surprised and was strong all weekend, had a number of interceptions during the tournament.

DB Kionce Roberts, Just Play
The sleeper prospect from Corona, Roberts and Just Play had a surprising run through the playoffs, knocking out top seeded Those Guys in a surprising fashion and giving Utah One all it could handle in the quarterfinals, thanks largely to the play of Roberts, who was tremendous in coverage all weekend.

DB Das Tautalatasi, AIGA
Anchored the secondary for AIGA, who only allowed two touchdowns on Sunday en route to the tournament title.

DB Chandler Hawkins, AIGA
Racked up six interceptions during the tournament, including five on Sunday's playoff run when AIGA won the tournament.

DB Adam Soesman, DB Guru
Overshadowed by other stellar DBs on his team, Soesman led his squad interceptions, showing great range and athleticism and had one of the best picks in the tournament, going up the ladder to seal a playoff win and getting both of his feet down in the back of the end zone.

Greg Biggins, Jake Worthen and Brandon Huffman contributed to this report.

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