Malik Cyphers Discusses Interest In Oregon

Fresh off of a trip to Las Vegas for the NLA Elite 7on7, Westlake Village (Calif.) Oaks Christian cornerback Malik Cyphers discusses his interest in Oregon and what he's looking for in a college.

Cyphers and his East Bay Game Breakers squad participated at the NLA Elite 7on7 in Las Vegas last weekend and said he enjoyed going up against some of the best prospects from around the country.

"It was just a great moment, knowing already what to expect," Cyphers said. "Being out there and knowing what the competition is like, you have to bring your 'A' game and you know you're going to have fun. It's something that you love doing and you want to compete with the best.

"That's the best part I love about being a DB and that's going against the best. That's what you want to do every night and every day, you want to go against the best."

Cyphers holds an offer from SMU and is interested in several top programs around the country.

"Who interests me is Oregon, Washington, Washington State, Miami and Boise State," Cyphers said. "A lot of Pac-12 schools, SEC and ACC."

Though he has interest in several schools in the Northwest area, he says location won't be a factor in his college decision.

"To be honest I can see myself anywhere," Cyphers said. "I'm an adjustable person and I feel like whatever is going to be the best fit academically and puts me in a position to play football will feel right at the time.

"I just want to make sure I can adjust to it and love it for the next four years."

Cyphers' interest in Oregon is growing and he said that he has been receiving a lot of mail from the coaching staff.

"They really like me on film," Cyphers said. "They like that I'm fast, very aggressive with the ball. They like how I tackle and make big hits and big plays. They want to see me come out to camps and visit campus…I hear the campus is amazing."

Cyphers planned on taking a trip out to Oregon last season, but football got in the way and he was only able to visit Boise State and Georgia Tech. As far as taking trips this spring and summer, Cyphers said he is starting to plan them out, but is focusing on school right now.

"I'm being patient and focusing on the books," Cyphers said. "I'm making sure I'm on top of my game to show colleges that I can play on the next level."

In getting ready for his senior season and jumping to the next level, Cyphers said he's focusing on improving his mental and physical attributes to set himself apart from other top prospects.

"I'm making sure I'm on top of my weight and height," Cyphers said. "I'm being aggressive and staying in the weight room and doing the little things."

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