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San Antonio (Tex.) Churchill athlete Dimitri Flowers, who is hearing from a number of programs, updates on his recruitment...

During his junior season, San Antonio (Tex.) Churchill athlete Dimitri Flowers demonstrated that he is one tough player on the field.

The 6-foot-3, 220-pound prospect felt that the season had been "going really well" until week seven, when he broke his arm.

"I just got tackled during a game and tried to stay up and it just snapped," he said of the injury.

Flowers, however, only sat out for one week before returning to the field.

"I only missed one game; I played with a cast through playoffs. After the season, I had to let it heal a little more but now it is completely healed and I'm ready," he said.

In retrospect, Flowers can see definite growth on the field over the past few months and is looking forward to continuing that progress throughout his final season of high school football.

"I just felt more confident as the weeks went on. I was a starter last year as a sophomore, but I wasn't as productive as I was in my junior year. I just felt that I was more confident and able to do more things each week," he said.

The athlete, who says his knowledge of the game is one of his top talents as a player, has been hearing from a number of programs, including Oklahoma State, TCU, Oklahoma, Tulsa, Baylor, Texas Tech, UTSA, and LSU.

Though he's been invited to many of the programs' Junior Days, he's not yet had the chance to take any visits. However, he's hoping he'll be able to attend a few spring practices over the next few months.

"I've been invited to quite a few, but I work, so it makes it a little difficult. A lot of schools want me to come up for spring practice, so I'm trying to figure out a few days where I can go and do everything at once," he said.

During the season, there was one program that Flowers had the chance to visit.

"I went on an unofficial visit to TCU during our bye week last season and that's just a really, really nice place," he said.

The athlete, who has been invited to a few camps, including the Nike Football Training Camp held in Dallas in early April, isn't quite sure as to what position he'll end up playing on the next level.

"Some schools want me to play defense, like an outside linebacker or strong safety type, and others want me at running back, slot, tight end. I don't honestly know what position I'll end up at," he said.

He does, however, have an idea of what he's looking for in a program.

"Coaches for sure. That's pretty much the number one thing, really. I want to see how the team is already, how they players practice and react," he said.

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