Three stay on top for Thomas

Chad Thomas has had a consistent top three for a couple of months now, but he's keeping his mind open and isn't really rushing his recruitment. The 2014 defensive end probably won't make a decision until close to Signing Day. Still, he's been developing relationships with coaches and learning more about the programs recruiting him. Get the latest on Thomas right here.

Miami, Florida State, and LSU still sit at the top of the list for Chad Thomas. The Booker T. Washington (Miami, FL) standout can visit Miami pretty much anytime because it's just around the corner. Every once in awhile, Thomas will catch a basketball game or something at The U. He's been able to build good connections with coaches there because of it.

"It's a good relationship, I go see them when I go see them when I go over there to visit and watch games, I'll go to practice and watch everything. It's cool, it's like a family," he said.

Thomas mostly talks to Miami Defensive Line Coach Jethro Franklin, and they've developed a good relationship.

"He's funny. He's a hard worker when it's time to work, but off the field he's cool," Thomas said.

Florida State is also high on the list of the 6-foot-5, 240-pound defensive end. "(They like) my intensity, how I keep going every play," he said.

"It's a good fit, yes. They have a powerhouse defense and I see it as smash-mouth football when I see them play."

While he hasn't been in contact with LSU as much lately as he had in the past, he's still very high on the Bayou Bengals.

"(They compete against) big players. It's the SEC, it's big football," Thomas said.

"I'm a big person, I'm not used to small people. If I go there, it would just be like football, playing with big people my size."

Another school to possibly keep an eye on with Thomas is North Carolina State. NC State was one of his more recent offers and he said it's one of the programs recruiting him the hardest, along with FSU and Miami.

"It's a cool program and a lot of people left, so I know as a freshman if I go there, I'll play," he said of NC State.

"They like how I come off the ball, they love my bull rushing, and how I contain the QB."

Thomas doesn't have any plans to visit anywhere this spring, but he'll probably catch a practice or the spring game at Miami. Stay tuned to FOX Sports NEXT for the latest on his recruitment.

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