The Next Great One At Lincoln?

John Burt is on a path to be the next star at Tallahassee Lincoln. He's a wide receiver in the 2015 class.

One of the stars of Tallahassee (Fla.) Lincoln is 2015 wide receiver recruit John Burt. Now 6-foot-4 and 180-pounds, he has a chance to develop into one of the best football players to ever walk the Trojan hallways. That in itself is saying a mouthful considering the talent Lincoln has produced over the years.

"John has a chance to be as good as anyone that has ever played here," said Yusuf Shakir, Lincoln's coach. "What separates John from everyone else is his attitude. He carries a great attitude with everything he does. He works so hard. John runs track and plays baseball. He never complains about anything and he just loves to compete."

Lincoln is also home to one of the state's top cornerback prospects in Kendall Randolph. The two go head to head in practice.

"They really go at it," Shakir said. "They just try and beat each other. When Kendall wins a rep John doesn't make any excuses. He just wants to go at it again and again. If he stays healthy John is going to play football for a very long time. Here you have a kid with an incredible work ethic and attitude and a talent to match it. It's rare that a kid will have all three of those things.

"I have seen plenty of kids with talent but they don't want to work and they complain. Not John. This kid wants it. Everything is so natural to him. He's easily the most talented player that I have ever had and a kid you don't have to worry about anything."

Despite being a member of the 2015 class Burt is already getting national attention. He currently holds verbal offers from schools like Ohio State, South Carolina, FSU, Ole Miss and Louisville.

"Everybody loves him," Shakir said. "I know Florida should offer him soon. I stopped by there on my spring break and that's all [John Burt] they asking about. Joker [Phillips] wants to see him in person. I will take him over there at some point and I know they will see him this spring. Of course everyone that comes through this spring is going to offer him."

Burt is not even 16-years old yet and he's finally growing into his frame.

"He's pushing 6-foot-5 and 185-pounds and looks slim," Shakir said. "I made him get on the scale the other day because I said he was too skinny. He was 185-pounds. I was like ‘man you are not even 16 yet.' Wait until he gets his growth spurt weight wise. This kid is going to be something else."

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