Martinez enjoys UGA and FSU

Corey Martinez took a spring break trip with his father and his Tampa Catholic (Tampa, FL) teammate T.J Harrell. The 2014 offensive lineman visited Georgia and Florida State and had a great time getting a very close look at each program. He talks about it all right here.

Corey Martinez started his trip off at Georgia where he spent the day seeing the ins and outs of the school and football program.

"We got to sit and talk with Coach McClendon, my recruiter, then we took a nice tour of the athletic facilities, which are unbelievable. We got a school tour, got to sit in on an academic meeting and talk to an advisor," he said.

"We had a really good time. We also got to talk with the strength coaches and watch some of the training going on there. Overall, it was a really good time. I'm glad I got to see a school that I hadn't seen yet."

Martinez said he and his dad really liked what they saw in Athens, especially when it comes to the way the coaches run the football program.

"I've noticed that it's a good family atmosphere, Coach Richt does a really good job of incorporating the family part into it. They just work hard, and that's something I really like. They're on top of everything and they're really straight with their players, and that's something I really like as well," Martinez said.

Next up for the 6-foot-4, 290-pound lineman and company was Florida State. While it wasn't his first visit there, this one was a little bit different.

"I've been to Florida State a few times, so I've seen a lot of the stuff there. This time, they really took me on an in-depth tour of the school which, I haven't really gotten to see," he said.

Martinez was especially impressed with his time in the film room with FSU Offensive Line Coach Rick Trickett.

"Something that really stood out to me while we were there was that we got to sit in with Coach Trickett in his offensive line meetings and we got to see him break down film of their scrimmage they had Monday afternoon. I got to hear him coach up his players, and it was good to hear that because that could possibly be me one day. It was good to see him teaching his kids,' Martinez said.

"He told me if I were to be there right now I'd be able to be a second string guard or center. He said when I get there he wants to really work with me. He's really excited about having me come and to just be able to work out."

Martinez finished up his trip having learned a lot about two programs that are high on his list. He was especially impressed that he got to see dorm rooms at both schools and was able to get a true feel for what it would be like to be a student there.

"Going to Georgia, not having ever been there, it was nice to see the school. That opened my eyes up to a school I'm definitely going to be considering now. Florida State, really opened up my eyes and seeing more of the school, seeing the full experience of what it would be like to go there," he said.

Notre Dame, Miami, Louisville, Vanderbilt, Georgia Tech, Mississippi State, and other schools are all after the junior lineman. He plans to do some more traveling this summer before narrowing down his options.

"Once summer comes around and I see all the schools, I'll definitely have my top ten or top five schools that I would want to go to," he said.

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