Scout 300 TE approaching decision

Jeb Blazevich has been a traveling man these last few weeks and he may squeeze in a few more visits before making his decision in the near future. Get the latest on the Scout 300 tight end here...

"I have been spending a lot of time on the road and doing my homework on these schools. They evaluated me and their time is really done on me, so it is my turn to evaluate them," Jeb Blazevich told Scout.

Over the last 10 days Blazevich has visited Clemson, Georgia twice, and Notre Dame.

He has been to Clemson and Georgia numerous times, but it was his first trip to South Bend. What stood out to him there?

"It is just a special place at Notre Dame. They are a top of the line academic school and there is so much history there. The staff is full of solid guys and it is just a god place. I had a great time."

At Clemson, it was the norm for the 6-foot-5, 225 pound tight end.

"It is simple for me at Clemson; I know the schools very well. I have been visiting there since eighth grade. I always know what to expect and the coaches have been straight up with from the beginning. There offense is something that attracts me to them too."

Georgia has had him on their campus four times and they are in the mix.

"It is just the feeling I have when I am at UGA. I really like the atmosphere there. John Lilly is a great man too. He is a christian guy like Coach Richt, and I like that a lot. They have a history with tight ends also."

It does not slow down for Blazevich.

On Thursday he will visit another SEC school where he has family.

"I will be over at Ole Miss," said the Scout 300 tight end out of Charlotte, N.C. "I have a lot of family there, so it will be cool to get over there. I have two cousins that go to school at Ole Miss and two more will be going there. I am looking forward to the trip."

Alabama will get Blazevich on their campus next week and Ohio State could get him in Columbus one more time before he makes his decision.

"I am really getting close to making my decision. I am wanting to get this overwith, but I am not going to commit until I am 100-percent sure.

"I am soaking all the information in right now, keeping an open mind, and I will be sitting down with my parents making some charts and graphs soon."

The No. 10 tight end in the country does not see the process lasting too much longer.

"I would say May, very early in May is the time I will have my decision. It could happen a little sooner or a little later, but it will happen soon."

Chad Simmons is currently a National Recruiting Analyst for FOX Sports/Scout. He started with Scout in 2003 and then moved on to another Recruiting Service from 2004-2008 before returning to Scout the first of 2009 to become South Recruiting Manager.
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