Cannon High on Two

As expected, the nation's sixth-ranked wideout Kd Cannon dazzled among hundreds at the Nike Football Training Camp Sunday. With several major programs chasing, he notes two have quickly climbed his list.

All eyes were on Kd Cannon Sunday at Allen Eagle Stadium, with plenty of buzz surrounding, as hundreds in attendance anticipated his matchup with nationally-ranked defensive backs Tony Brown and Jamal Adams.

"I think I did pretty good," said a modest Kd Cannon following his one-on-one showcase. "I won most of them against some pretty good guys, so I'm happy with my day. Really, I just came out here to compete."

"He flashed some fancy footwork and route running abilities," noted national analyst Greg Powers. "His hands are huge and strong. He is super quick and that puts pressure on defensive backs to respect him."

As Cannon put it, "I'm a dynamic player. I can change the game quickly with my speed, and I have good hands."

Still, Cannon noted he has "a lot of work" ahead.

"I'm working to improve my separation and getting off the line quicker. I take too long to get off the line, I'm not aggressive enough. I got to get more aggressive."

That's where Coach David Robinson, former Oklahoma wideout and receivers trainer, comes in.

"I've been working with Coach Rob for the past couple months. He's the best at exploding off the line and getting that separation from the DB - he said he had to be, being a smaller receiver and all. We've been doing footwork drills, quicktwitch drills to improve my jump. With him, I should be good."

His work ethic and hunger for the game are what several college football programs have taken a liking to (in addition to everything else he brings). With offers from Texas, Texas A&M, Baylor, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Clemson, Florida State, Miami, Nebraska, TCU, Texas Tech, West Virginia among others, the 6-foot-1, 165-pounder notes he is in no hurry to pull the trigger.

That said, he knows what he wants, and may already know where it sits, quickly noting Baylor and Oklahoma are two programs he has developed the closest relationship with over the last several months.

"I talk to them the most, I see them the most… I want a winning program, one that's going to develop me to the next level… OU and Baylor are definitely high on my list."

He has visited both this spring, in addition to Texas and Texas Tech. He plans to trip to Texas A&M and Oklahoma State "later this spring or summer."

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