Commitment Analysis: Andrew Beck National Recruiting Analyst Jamie Newberg talks about Texas's most recent linebacker catch, Andrew Beck of Tampa (Fla.) Plant.

"First off, he seems like a tremendous kid," Newberg said. "Longhorn fans will be proud he's wearing their colors.

"He's a big body that can run, can hit, and he loves contact," Newberg said. "He has a great motor and he's physical and aggressive. He gets off blocks exceptionally well. He's kind of a throwback. I hadn't seen him without pads on until [Tuesday] and he's actually a pretty long, lean kid. He's 6-2 or 6-3 and said he's 227 pounds, so you know he has the frame to bulk up and add 15-20 pounds pretty easily. What I need to know more about him is what he can do in coverage. In terms of playing the run, he's a throwback. I think they'll love him at Texas. I think he'll be a good player."

"Throwback" is often a term designed to describe two-down linebackers, the kinds who excel on running downs but need to come off the field against the pass. And in the Big 12, where spread offenses and throwing on first down is vogue, every linebacker pretty much needs to be a three-down type.

But Newberg said Andrew Beck had the athleticism to excel on all three downs.

"He even talked about playing some goal line H-back and fullback as well, which he does for Plant," Newberg said. "I definitely think he's athletic enough to be that guy, that three-down guy. I know he's very smart. He's very intelligent and he has the football savvy to pick it up quickly."

Another plus is that Newberg said he's been well coached by a strong Tampa Plant staff.

"He plays at a school that for many years was really pass-happy, but is now more balanced," Newberg said. "I'm sure he's getting the proper coaching. He's getting great coaching at Plant, and he's not going to go into his time in Austin as a blank slate. He's not going to come in as a MIKE without knowing what to do with his coverages and drops.

"I think he'll be OK," Newberg said. "He's long and athletic and he picks things up quickly. He seems pretty instinctive as well. Of course, he'll need time. He'll need to take reps and more reps, just like anybody else. But this is a really nice pickup."

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