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Charles Mosley out of Brighton, Tenn., will take in a SEC spring scrimmage game Saturday and head north to Memphis for a Nike combine on Sunday.

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"I am looking forward to this weekend," Charles Mosley said. "It is going to be a good opportunity to see Ole Miss' defense up close and then go and compete against the best players from around here the next day."

What has the 6' 5", 340-pounder been doing this off season to keep himself in shape?

"I have been going at it hard. This is my third year to be the starter so I am trying to show the younger guys what it takes and work hard and set a good example for them."

Mosley is rather large for your typical high school defensive tackle but his motor is what separates him from the pack.

"I just have a high motor. I do not quit. I just knock you down and do whatever it takes to win. I enjoy the feeling of winning. I am naturally strong. I have never seen anyone really stop me unless I am triple teamed. I am relentless. I have it in my head that I can not be stopped. I just want it more than everyone else. If you try and double team you will pay. You have to put three guys on me to stop me."

What is going on in the recruiting world?

"I still have the same offers. Tennessee, Alabama, Ole Miss, Georgia, and Auburn. I just like the SEC. All of the teams are just trying to show me why I should go to their school. It has been fun to be in this situation. I am just rolling with it right now."

Charles hopes to learn a little more about the Rebels on this trip.

"I went down there when they played Texas A&M. They are talking to my coach a lot. They just want to get me back down there. I like Ole Miss. I really do. I went to the Grove and met some of their players when they got off of the bus for the Walk of Champions. I have gotten to know their coaches pretty good. It is just nice down there at Ole Miss."

Mosley has an Alabama connection within his high school coaching staff.

"That is what really got me started off. One of my coaches use to play for Alabama, and I went down there for a camp last summer. That is how I got my name out. I went to their Jr Day this spring and a couple of their games in the fall."

What stood out about the Tide during these visits to give the Tide the lead?

"I really like Alabama. That is my number one school. I would be lying if I said it was not because of their winning. They have a big family down there. They know what it takes to win and have a winning history. Every single year they are in the Top 5. Even if they do not win it that year they will end up like number two or somewhere around there. They are just real consistent. Coach Saban is a really nice guy and I liked their facilities a lot. I just believe in what they are doing down there at Alabama."

The home state university, Tennessee, is also making a big push to land the 4-Star DT.

"I went to their Junior Day, but I have never been to one of their of their football games before because they were in the process of changing staffs. Now that they have their new staff in place, I started to hear from them a lot. It was nice up there for their Jr Day, especially their facilities. They took the time to meet me and my family and show me around. We went to their basketball game, and I got a chance to hang out with their new head coach. He told me to envision playing in that big stadium and having a 110,000 fans cheering for me. I really like Tennessee. I just want to see one of their games this fall."

What stands out about Georgia?

"They competed well last year. That shocked me that they had that type of season. It is an SEC school. I like all of the SEC schools. I have my mind to play in the SEC. Georgia could be good again next season. That's what I really like about Georgia. I also heard it is nice over there."

And Auburn?

"I have never visited their campus, but I called them and so I could get to really their coaches. I want to establish a relationship with them in case I want to go there. I heard it is real nice there too. It is also in the SEC, and they have a good history. I watched them on TV last season and saw some potential. I think they are going to be pretty good in the future."

Scout's #12 rated defensive tackle might go ahead and make a commitment soon but his recruitment will not stop there.

"I am going to go ahead and give a verbal commitment pretty soon, but I am not signing anything. I am going to take all of my visits during and after my season."

What will be the deciding factors when it does come decision time?

"I want to do what is best for my family. I want to choose a school that has a family environment. I want to look at the education aspect of the school and see if they offer a communication degree. I want to see if they support their football program or not. I just want to go somewhere that I can feel comfortable for the next three to four or maybe even five years of my life. I want to go somewhere they can prepare me for the NFL because I really want to play in the league. Lastly I would like to stay somewhere close to my mom. She does not want me to go too far from home. She likes to watch all of my games and practices and stuff. I do not want to go too far from her."

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