Hirschfeld Enjoys UW Spring Game

Hartland Arrowhead (Wisc.) junior defensive end Billy Hirschfeld talks about today's spring game visit to Wisconsin.

Billy Hirschfeld has been to Madison several times, but he says today was another great visit with Wisconsin, one of several schools to have offered the 6'5, 270-pound junior defensive lineman.

"It was great today," he said. "I got to have lunch with the coaches, players and the recruits. I was able to sit down and talk to a lot of them during lunch the tour and scrimmage."

He also got a tour of the new facilities.

"I was able to see the new weight room Wisconsin had and it was a sight to see. From there they took us to the field and watched some players warm-up. Then they took the Super Six and some others up to the film room and we watched a pump up video before the game."

There were several Badger commits at the game, including Hirschfeld's teammate George Panos, but he felt no pressure to commit today.

"The recruits weren't trying to have me commit," he explained. " I get enough of that from T.J. Watt during the week when I workout with him at NX Level, but the Coaches we just talked about the day and how everything was going with me and my family. We also talked about my recruitment and that they weren't going to rush me or anything."

The final message the Badger coaches had for Hirschfeld was simple.

"They also said that if you commit here we are happy to have you and if you commit somewhere else then we wish you the best of luck."

So where do they stand on his list?

"I don't know right now to be honest but they are up there though. I mean, every time I go up there the coaches are excited to see me and talk to me as well. I know a lot of the recruits and players on the team and a lot of them I've worked out with or played with but they are up there."

Hirschfeld has additional offers from Pittsburgh, Michigan State, Nebraska and others, and says a decision is not necessarily close.

"Before the football season begins if not before then possibly right after the football season."

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