Weishar Is Irish

2014 Marist (Ill.) tight end Nic Weishar has decided where he will play his college ball, Notre Dame.

FOX Sports NEXT fourteenth rated tight end Nic Weishar committed to Notre Dame Tuesday.

"I just have been there and visited a bunch of times and have tried to get around to as many schools as possible," Weishar said. "Everytime I set foot on Notre Dame's campus there was something about it that pulled me to it."

He continued, "There was something about it that was telling me to go to Notre Dame. So I ust decided not to wait any longer, and just committed."

And Tuesday he did.

Weishar gave his commitment to Notre Dame after quite a bit of thought and of course talking to his family, the catch was -- they were out of town.

"My parents are actually in Hawaii on vacation," Weishar said with a laugh. "So we were talking earlier about recruiting and we were talking about how Ian Bunting picked Michigan, and that at the end of the day made my decision easier."

After hanging up the phone, Weshar called his parents back because he couldn't keep his mind off the Irish.

"I called them and then tried to do my homework and couldn't do it because I couldn't focus on it," Weishar said. "Then I called them back and told them i was ready to commit."

The excitement was obvious for the whole family as soon as Weishar decided to give his verbal commitment, even if they were thousands of miles away.

"My mom was pretty emotional about it, she was crying and couldn't be happier for me," Weishar said. "My dad really liked it as well, and the past couple days he was giving me pros and cons of everything."

Another party that liked it? Well the Notre Dame coaches of course.

"I gave Coach Martin a call and he said I would come over and give you a hug if I could but that would be illegal," Weishar added lightheartedly.

Weishar's family played an important part of his recruiting process, and helped the 6-foot-4, 235 pound prospect see that the Irish were right for him.

"They were obviously pretty fantastic the whole way though out, my parents just wanted me to be happy," Weishar said. "They came along on all the trips they could, and they just wanted me to be happy and make the right decision for me. They love my decision and couldn't be prouder of me. It was a great decision for me."

Of course, there is something to be said for how well Weishar can see his skills fit into Notre Dame's offense as well.

"Obviously the tradition that they have had with tight ends was big," Weishar said. "I think there is a total of like 7 All-Americans at the tight end position, it is special how they use them and they know how to use them like no on else in college football."

He added, "With Tyler Eifert doing so well it is pretty special, and I have a lot of expectations and I think I am up to the challenge."

And as for where Weishar goes from here? He will be spending some time in South Bend this offseason.

"Now that I am committed I can go up there whenever I want, it's only about an hour and twenty mins away," Weishar said. "I would like to get up there and hang out with the players but I don't have a date set yet."

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