Break Down: Brandon Fritts

North Carolina has struck gold once again at Mentor High School in Ohio, as the Tar Heels landed a commitment from wide receiver Brandon Fritts. Last year, North Carolina took quarterback Mitch Trubisky from the same school.

PROFILE: Brandon Fritts

SCHOOL: Mentor (OH)

POSITION: Wide receiver

SIZE: 6-foot-4, 210-pounds

RANKING: Three-star prospect

RECRUITING: Committed to North Carolina

WHAT IS THERE TO LIKE? The first thing that sticks out for Fritts is his size, and he is a long athlete. He knows how to use his body to shield defenders from the football, and I've never seen him drop a football. Not once. In games, practices, camps, combines or in pregame warmups. He also knows how to run routes, and even though he's not a 4.4 player, Fritts can get deep on speedier players through his feints and precise cuts. The advent of the spread offense puts guys like Fritts as desired talents, where ten years ago they were called tweeners. He can be devastating in the slot, where he is a tough cover for a linebacker. Fritts can also play outside the numbers where he can use his size to his advantage.

WHAT ARE THE CONCERNS? There is only one concern, and that would be the lack of ideal speed, but Fritts is certainly not slow. He is very athletic, and he plays basketball for his high school team at the highest level in Ohio. Can he put his hand in the ground and move people at tight end? No, but he can be a matchup problem in the slot or as an H-back. He can also add 15-20 more pounds to his frame, and he will get that done in the weight room over the next few years.

WHAT ARE THE INTANGIBLES? What might not show up on tape is Fritts' football smarts and his competitiveness. He is also a great student, from a great family, which counts for a lot these days. There is also the connection with freshman quarterback Mitch Trubisky that needs to be noted. These two are the perfect pitch-and-catch team, and should be fun to watch at North Carolina together. If used correctly, Brandon Fritts should have an extremely productive career at North Carolina, and could be a player that could see the field early.

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