SU 'Not Just Another Offer' for Newell

Syracuse had success adding a prospect from Kansas in 2013. In 2014, they're looking at one of the most talented prospects in the country in defensive tackle Peyton Newell. He discusses his 34th offer inside.

Syracuse does not often ventures towards Kansas when looking to add talented football players to their roster. However, they did so in 2013 with JUCO linebacker Josh Kirkland. They are back at it again, this time with four star defensive tackle Peyton Newell.

"They offered me through my cell phone," Newell recalled. "They actually contacted my coach and told me to give them a call. I gave them a call and they offered. It was Coach Pat Perles. I was definitely really excited.

"Syracuse is one of the schools that's not just another offer. Syracuse has a lot to offer as far as the academic side and stuff like that. So I was glad to get the offer."

The offer was a surprise to Newell, who said he wasn't being recruited heavily by the Orange when the offer came. He says all the attention he's been receiving from big name programs has been a little strange.

"I had gotten quite a few letters from them in the past," Newell explained. "But I wasn't expecting it, actually. It definitely means a lot. It's weird when I'm up to 34 offers from every corner in the nation.

"It's weird to get offered being a kid from Kansas. That doesn't happen that often."

The Hiawatha (KS) product is still learning about the Syracuse program. While he knows very little right now, one thing about the Orange does stand out.

"I know that they just moved out of the Big East to the ACC," the four star defensive tackle said. "I know their academics are very high there. As of right now, that's pretty much all I know.

"We talked about a visit this summer. I think I'm going to try to make my decision before football season. So I think we're going to try to get up there this summer."

Up to 34 offers, the 6-foot-3 lineman says he has a time frame for his decision. However, is still wide open and having a hard time trimming his list.

"Honestly right now, I'm going to wait until the end of spring recruiting to get together a top ten or a top five," Newell admitted. "Right now, I'm nowhere close to that. I'm the type that I research each and every school that offers me.

"Right now, I have no idea of even a top ten."

When he does cut his list and make his final decision, Newell knows what he is looking for in a program. He will continue to research the schools on his offer list in order to find the best fit.

"Academics is definitely first on the list," Newell claimed. "Another thing is relationships. I'm big on relationships just because those are the people that are going to get you to the places that you need to be in life.

"Facilities are important because I want to be able to work out in good facilities."

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