Sokol Talks Newest Offers, Decision Plans

In the last few days, Rochester Adams (Mich.) junior tight end Matt Sokol has added his first two Big Ten offers from Michigan State and Illinois. He talks about those and what his decision plans are at the moment.

Matt Sokol, a 6'5, 220-pound tight end prospect who plays quarterback at Rochester Adams, said recently that he did not expect Michigan State to offer him until he came to their summer camp. His prediction proved to be wrong as the Spartans offered him on Friday, becoming his first Big Ten offer.

"I was really blown away," he explained. "It was unexpected. I was not expecting it by any means, getting an offer from Coach Dantonio so early, but at the same time, it was very exciting and it was just very humbling. I can't even tell you the experience it was, how honored I was to have the opportunity to play at such a prestigious program. I have the utmost respect for Coach Dantonio and the rest of the staff. It was very exciting, but it makes me even more excited to go out to their camps now."

On the heels of that offer, Illinois came calling a few days later, becoming the second Big Ten school to offer in the span of a couple days.

"Until today, I haven't been in too much contact with Illinois, so they're kind of new to me and also just today at school, I was extremely excited too because it's another Big Ten school. I definitely want to be in contact with their coaches and I'm open to checking out new schools. Every program that comes in and shows me interest, I just have the most respect for and I couldn't be more appreciative and obviously a school like Illinois academically, is one of the best business schools in the country, so I definitely want to keep in touch."

Having grown up in Michigan, Sokol says he and his family have plenty of familiarity with MSU.

"My grandma and two of my aunts went to State. My family, growing up was kind of split, half of us were State fans and the other half were Michigan fans. I've been cheering for both for most of my life. In recent years, I've been more of a State fan since I've been talking with Coach Salem and been in contact with him since my sophomore year."

That said, Sokol is not ready to call the Spartans or any other school his leader at the moment.

"They're definitely a school that I've been really excited about for a long time. It really is a dream come true to have an opportunity to play there especially being a recruit from Michigan. As far as being on top of the list, I'm very highly considering them. I don't really have a top five or anything like that at the moment, but they're a school I'm very excited about."

Although he wants to make certain of a choice before he makes a decision, Sokol still does not anticipate his process dragging out for too long.

"I've decided that it would be really nice to have a decision well before the start of my senior year just so I can really buckle down with my high school teammates and focus on our season and have a good start to the season and be very comfortable with my decision, be 110% sure this is where I want to go, this is where I want to spend my next four years. I wasn't expecting an offer from Michigan State, so it definitely, you could say, heated up my recruiting process in a sense, so I am going to make a decision in the upcoming weeks, so yes, it will be before my senior season."

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