Spring Preview: Leander (Tex.) Cedar Park

FOX Sports NEXT spoke with Leander (Tex.) Cedar Park head football coach Joe Willis to get his take on players to watch this fall...

Offensive Rundown

"We've got a lot of seniors. This is the biggest senior class we have had in a long time. Nate Grimm (6-foot-4, 190), our quarterback, is obviously going to be a center piece to our offense. He's a great operator, does a good job managing the game.

"Davis Geerts (6-foot-4, 250) is a returning lineman for us and we think he's one of the best in the area, so we are really excited about him. At receiver, we have Samuel Brock outside and David Mortiz (6-foot-2, 175) who are both going to be outstanding skill guys on offense."

Defensive Rundown

"We have a good corps of linebackers that are back: Peter Maneikis and Thomas Middleton. Linebacker. Thomas Hutchings was the sophomore of the year in the district on defense. Blake Bouffard (6-foot-1, 170)…the list goes on and on. It's hard to just point one out."

Quarterback Watch

"Nate Grimm has a strong mental grasp of the game. Last year was really the first year he was at quarterback; the year before, he was playing receiver on JV. He's really wrapped his mind around the game. He's used this spring and off-season to get in the film room and improve himself and have an understanding of what the defense is doing. So much of what quarterbacks do is diagnose, and he can diagnose. When you can do that and you have talented skill players around you, things get really exciting."

Back from Injury

"Thomas Middleton was the leading returning rusher on our team last year, but then he got hurt. He missed most of the season, but came back late in the season and gave us some quality minutes in a playoff run. This year, what we want to do is use him as much as we can. He'll start at MIKE linebacker for us, and I think he'll be an excellent player for us there, but he'll also play some fullback, as well. Some packages will be Middleton, Chris Hutchings, and Thomas Hutchings, and in my mind, those are some of the three most explosive running backs in the area, so what more could you ask for?

"I think he could play either position in college. The coaches that have come through that are interested in him are interested in him on both sides of the ball. So much of the college game has gone to a non-scholarship role for fullback. I think he's definitely a scholarship player at linebacker. I think he'll get an opportunity on the defensive side, but will be good enough to use on offense, as well."

Early Impact: 2015 Prospects

"I think the sky is the limit with Myles Cheatum (6-foot-2, 225). He's exactly what people are looking for in a defensive end. He got some time last year as a sophomore. We also have Thomas Hutchings, who is the returning sophomore of the year in the district on defense, and his twin brother, Chris Hutchings, his twin brother, who led our team in rushing at the end of the season.

"That group has some real talent. We definitely have some guys in the stable waiting to come through, and we are hoping this year they will come in and have production."

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