Sokol Decision a Family One

Monday was a big day for Matt Sokol and his family as the future college tight end gave his verbal pledge to Michigan State. caught up with Sokol for more on his decision.

High school prospects pick colleges for many different reasons. Monday, Matt Sokol and his family knew the time was right to become a Spartan.

"This was definitely a family decision," Sokol explained to Spartan Digest. "It's been a dream for a long time to have a chance to play at Michigan State and I couldn't be more appreciative of the coaching staff as I have the highest respect for them and I'm really excited about playing there.

"I'm definitely very thankful to all my family, friends and teammates, but this was definitely a family decision.

Staying close to home was part of the family decision but Sokol has been watching closely as the Spartans program has enjoyed success.

"It's definitely appealing that State is only about an hour and a half away from home," said Sokol. "This way I can definitely see my parents and see my family. I'm very excited about the program as Coach (Mark) Dantonio has built a successful program and done just a tremendous job every year."

A high school quarterback, Sokol is not worried too much about his future position.

"I'm excited about playing tight end there," said Sokol. "I feel I'll be able to excel and become a powerful tight end. I feel I'll get a lot of really good coaching there and be able to develop.

"Coach Dantonio has coached players like Charlie Gantt, Brian Linthicum and Dion Sims. So it's exciting to know I'll be playing in the same spot those guys were.

"Dylan Chmura is a 2013 commit and I can't wait to be practicing with him and getting to know him better. Coach (Jim) Bollman is an excellent coach who really knows how to teach the position really well and that is important as I'm transforming from a high school quarterback to tight end."

While some may wonder about the move, Sokol stresses he's no stranger to the position.

"I played tight end for the past two springs with Michigan Elite during 7-on-7 play," said Sokol. "I grew up playing tight end in youth football and played it during my sophomore year at the varsity level. I feel from the receiving standpoint, I can continue to develop and become a better player.

"I definitely need to get stronger and put on weight as I'm about 225-pounds right now. I feel I can put on some good weight and get up to about 250-255-pounds.

"It's all going to come in good time and I'm going to get the best coaching there is. So I'm really excited about all of it."

While Sokol has his eyes on his future on the field, he also knows Michigan State will give him more than just a chance to play football in the Big Ten.

"Graduating from Michigan State is very honoring," said Sokol. "I plan to graduate with a business major and Michigan State has a great program. My family has been State fans for awhile so I feel this is a really good fit for me and feel the opportunity is just a really great one to have. I feel very blessed, very humble and honored to be a part of it."

During his visit on Monday, Sokol knew the time was right to take the plunge and go all in with the Spartans.

"I came to East Lansing with my mom today," explained Sokol. "It was my fifth time to be on campus and this time I got a chance to meet all the coaches and a few of the players. I sat down with Coach Bollman and Coach (Terrence) Samuel. Then I sat down with Coach Dantonio and told him I was ready to be a Spartans and that I wanted to commit.

"I was very excited and I think he was excited as well. My mom cried as she was very happy. I'm just looking forward to building a great relationship with him and getting to know the rest of the coach staff as well.

"This process is about developing relationships and I'm excited to get a chance to know the coaches more and can't wait to do everything I can to be successful there.

"I'm extremely excited to be a Spartan."

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