Pendleton Following Titan Alum to MU

Kevin Pendleton knew where he wanted to be. When he made the call last week to the Tigers, a former Titan already on the Missouri roster was a major factor in his decision. Go Inside as Pendleton talks about his ‘big brother'…

Kevin Pendleton had known for a while.

"I could have picked any day to call coach," the Lee's Summit (MO) West prospect said. "I was looking at the teams and what they were doing. I couldn't find one that had what Missouri has. Everybody shows the recruits love, and I love the atmosphere there."

The 6-foot-5, 310-pound offensive tackle paused for a moment.

"The way the coaches interact with their players, that relationship is huge. You are going to be with those guys for the next four years of your life."

For the latest Titan to commit to Mizzou, it's about being a part of something.

"They are ready to turn it around in the SEC, and I want to help with that."

Since arriving at Lee's Sumit West from Kansas City's Lincoln Prep Academy, Pendleton has been embraced by the Titans program. A special bond has developed with head coach Royce Boehm.

"The Boehm family, they've been awesome," Pendleton said. "They've been a blessing. I can stop by Coach Boehm's office anytime. He just had heart surgery, but he is back at school now."

Pendleton has connected with the coach's son, Tiger freshman Evan Boehm. After arriving on campus in Columbia last summer, the four-star offensive lineman earned Freshman All-American honors after starting all 12 games for Mizzou. In addition, Boehm has become a mentor to the talented tackle.

"Evan is like a big brother," Pendleton said. "He knows how to be a man, and he's going to do great things. He'll take care of you. That's a huge factor, the knowledge that he's there."

Pendleton just missed the chance to team with Boehm on the Titans' line. It was on the wrestling mat the two worked together for the first time.

"This was my first year at West," he said. "I tried wrestling this year, and Evan came back and worked some practices. That's when we started getting to know each other. He would bring me along with him and show me things along the way, in the weight room and in school."

After Pendleton received his Missouri offer, the first call was from his future Tiger teammate.

"As soon as I got my offer, he started encouraging me, saying ‘Come on, be a Tiger. It's a family.' I don't want to make it sound like he was trying to pull me somewhere, because he wasn't. It's going to be huge to work with him, for even one year."

"After I committed, Evan was so happy for me," Pendleton said. "But as soon as he got done congratulating me, he said ‘June 3rd, that's when it starts. If you want to win a state championship, you've got to be a leader.' He won't let you forget what you've got to do. He's like another coach. He's got his dad in him." Pendleton is one of four boys in his family. He can already see Boehm's influence in how he treats his youngest brother.

"I can definitely see that now," he said. "The things I tell my little brother, I get from people like Evan, people I look up to. I can definitely see the connection. He will give you all the love and support he can. He wants to help, and he wants to see me do good things."

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