Focus 2014: Jaquis Jones takes a look at the defensive tackle from Newman Smith High..

Jaquis Jones, a 6-foot-0, 250-pound defensive tackle from Carrollton (Texas) Newman Smith High feels like has steadily improved his game this off-season.

"One of the main things I feel like I got better at is leadership qualities," Jones informed. "I felt like I have progressed from last year and I am ready to lead this team in to the season. And see what we can do as a 4A school."

Jones has had a lot of colleges come through and check him out, but has yet to secure his first offer. Two D1's have shown a little extra love.

"We have had a lot of coaches come through here and introduce their selves, but the schools that have shown the most interest in me are ULM and Nevada," Jones began. "They are the ones that have shown the most interest in me.

"They seem to care more about me or the kids themselves and not just coming through and shaking hands and saying they are watching you. They are both showing a little extra interest."

On the field, Jones feels like he will make a solid D1 player if he gets the chance.

"Aside from all of the athletic I feel like I am a good kid and I need an opportunity to shine and every opportunity I get I will prevail."

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