Ron Robinson could fill DB needs

Santiago (Calif.) safety Ron Robinson talks about his Northwestern offer and future plans in this Purple Wildcats Insider update.

Oh, does Ron Robinson ever hate standing still.

Some safeties, he said, like staying "flat"—letting the action come to them. Robinson waits for opposing receivers to come across the middle, and for the moment he can leave a mark.

"Especially if they come across the middle, I know I want to knock their heads off," Robinson said.

Northwestern defensive backs coach Jerry Brown might have found his gem of the 2014 class. The group—already 10 deep–could still use secondary reinforcement. It's been an issue in the past, and one the Wildcats hope to shore up in future seasons.

Robinson is arguably the most interesting offer currently on the table for Northwestern. He's a physical player for Santiago HS (Calif.) in the mold of NU's current safeties, but has almost exclusively received interest from West Coast schools. Regardless, Brown identified his talent, and thinks he could step in and contribute.

"He said I'll fit in nicely," Robinson said. "I'm one of the biggest guys they're recruiting (6-2, 195). I'm versatile so they can move me into the box.

"They like that I'm a big hitter."

NU provides some intrigue for Robinson. He frequently hears about its academic reputation. It also helps that the coaching staff understood his talents from day one.

Robinson frequently hears from the coaches who hope to sell him on the program. NU will likely fill out its class with defensive backs, linebackers and defensive ends. This is how NU often excels: Find under-recruited talent from across the country and reap the rewards of their talent.

He's completely off the map. Star ratings have missed him, but how much do we believe in those anyways? NU is an attractive option, aided by a veteran coach who can maximize his ability.

Robinson has this growing desire to see what the hype is all about.

"I was thinking about visiting in July or August," Robinson said. "I'm definitely interested in them though."

In this quick-hit recruitment process for NU, some of the final pieces may take a little while longer.

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