Barmore to See Iowa

Schools are starting to pick up their recruitment of Stephen Barmore as he performs well in the spring combines. The Connecticut quarterback holds three offers and is hearing consistently from a group of schools. Among them is Iowa, where he will camp next month.

Iowa's Greg Davis recently shared a blueprint of what he looks for in a quarterback.

"We want guys that can make plays off schedule, when things break down, who can extend the play, who can make a play that's not exactly the way you draw it up," said the man who coaches the position and coordinates the offense said.

Connecticut signal caller Stephen Barmore, without hearing that description from Davis, talked about his abilities.

"I would say that I'm very good in the pocket," he said. "I'm definitely very accurate. I also have the ability to move with designed run plays or out of a broken pass play.

"I would say one of my best attributes is my ability to extend the play after the pocket collapses. I can run out and still complete a pass or run if need be."

It sounds like Barmore and the Hawkeyes could match up well. He will camp at Iowa on June 10.

"I talk to Coach (DJ) Hernandez pretty much on a weekly basis," Barmore said. "I also have started talking to Coach Davis over the past couple of months. Really, I'm going to get a good feel for where I sit with them after I go out for camp. They really want me at camp."

The 6-foot-2, 207-pound Barmore reports scholarship offers from Yale, Bryant and Central Connecticut. Boston College and Iowa are in consistent contact with him, he said.

(The BC Eagles) already have a quarterback (Darius Wade) that's committed in my class," Barmore said. "They're looking for another one. I'm definitely one of the top candidates to fill that spot. I'm looking to hear some sort of news from them in the next couple of weeks."

Frank Leonard is leading Boston College's recruitment of Barmore, he said.

About 25 different schools stopped into Southington (CT) High to see Barmore during the recent open recruiting period, he said.

"I think things are really starting to move along," he said.

Iowa and Boston College seem to be among Barmore's favorites.

"The interest level for both schools is very high on my side," he said.

Barmore, who reports a time of 4.59 seconds in the 40-yard dash, plans to major in biology in college.

"I'm not really looking at distance from home or the size of the school," he said. "I really just pay attention to the education and what's going to be the best fit for me as a football player and a student."

Ideally, Barmore would like to commit to a college by the end of the summer.

"I would really like to make a decision before the season starts so I can focus on winning games and work towards winning a state championship and not having to worry about college," he said.

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