Ollison Recaps Syracuse Visit

Qadree Ollison had seen his recruitment sky rocket in recent months adding several major offers. He took his first trip to one of those schools on Saturday, visiting the Syracuse campus. He recaps the trip and its impact inside.

Three star Canisius High (NY) running back Qadree Ollison took the short trip east from Buffalo to Syracuse to take in the Orange campus for the first time. In a few short hours, he was able to get a lot accomplished during the visit.

"It was great," Ollison explained. "The visit went really well. I got to see a lot things I didn't know about before. We came in and met with the coaches. I got to see the weight room and check out the locker room. Then they showed us the Carrier Dome.

"I met with Coach DeAndre Smith, Coach (George) McDonald, and Coach (Scott) Shafer. I talked to the guys one on one. They showed me around campus. Stuff like that."

Meeting with the coaches was perhaps the most important part of the trip for Ollison. It allowed him to get to know the coaches on a more personal level and further develop that relationship.

"Coach Smith talked to me about a lot of stuff that running backs do," Ollison recalled. "A lot of different things that they're trying to do as far as running the ball and on offense. Coach McDonald showed me clips of when he coached at the University of Miami. He's the offensive coordinator now. He showed some clips of what they did with their running backs. He said it's kind of the same thing they will do here.

"I talked to Coach Shafer for a long time. We didn't talk too much about football. We just talked about his background. His life and where he's from. He's a really down to earth guy. He was completely honest with us. He didn't beat around the bush. He didn't sugar coat anything or smooth talk anything. He gave it to you straight. It was cool."

The impact of the trip on Ollison was mainly helping him gain more familiarity with the program. He still maintains that he is wide open and not close to a decision.

"Things are the same as they were before the trip," Ollison admitted. "There's no ranking yet. I will make that, when I get a chance, sit down and evaluate all the schools. I'll rank like a top three or a top five. There's no schools higher than the others right now.

"But the trip definitely helped. You get to see the school and talk to the coaches. Get a feel for how they are and how the program is. Who they are off the field. It helps being able to talk to the coaches and get a feel for them personally."

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