Fort White (FL) Tackling Machine has Offers

Fort White (FL) High School linebacker has three FBS offers and at least three BCS schools in the process of evaluating him this spring.

Fort White (FL) High School linebacker Kellen Snider has picked up his first three FBS offers and has at least three BCS programs evaluating him this spring. Snider, who plays MIKE linebacker for Fort White, has offers from Buffalo, Miami (OH) and South Alabama. In addition, three BCS schools have expressed interest but have yet to offer, those schools are Cincinnati, Iowa State and Maryland.

Both Maryland and Iowa State have been by Fort White to evaluate the 6-foot-1 and 210-pound middle linebacker. Cincinnati is planning on seeing the tackling machine in person this spring before deciding on whether to offer or not according to Fort White head coach Demetric Jackson.

Snider is a tough, physical kid who totaled 179 tackles as a junior. He also had 158 tackles as a sophomore. The question on Snider will be whether he can get big enough to play middle linebacker at the BCS level or fast enough to play WILL linebacker, he has been clocked electronically at 4.73 in the 40-yard dash.

Strength won't be a problem as he finished fourth in the state weight lifting championship as a junior in the 219 pound weight classification. Either will tenacity as his coach described him as extremely tough. Look for more updates and offers for this productive linebacker as he continues to rack up tackles across the playing fields of north Florida.

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