Spence Gives Latest

2014 De La Salle (Ill.) quarterback Shelby Spence has seen his recruitment pick up lately, find out which schools have interest inside.

Duel-threat quarterback Shelby Spence of Chicago De La Salle has seen some interest pick up in the past couple months.

"Right now just having the coaches come through the school," Spence said. "I am trying to plan out my summer schedule with camps and I just got done with the two camps a few weeks ago."

He added, "I threw the ball really well and I have been working with Jeff Christensen (Throw it deep) so I felt like I threw the ball really well."

Schools are noticing Spence, and making their way through De La Salle.

"We have had a lot of schools come through, Notre Dame, Michigan, Ohio State, Wisconsin, Florida State, and a few other schools too," Spence said.

There are several things that schools are telling Spence they like about him on the field.

"One thing that I am hearing is coaches like my versatility, I am able to run and throw the ball, I know a lot of things are moving to spread or offense where the quarterback doesn't just sit back there," Spence said. "It is my ability to make things happen when the play breaks down."

And this offseason, Spence is working on getting even better.

"You always want to get bigger, stronger and faster in the off-season," Spence said. "At the end of the season I had been working on getting into the film room more. Then on the field just my release and adjusting to the speed of the games and getting faster every year."

De La Salle is one of the schools in the Chicago area with several big time prospects on top of Spence -- including Vanderbilt commit Mikhale Wilbon and four-star offensive lineman Jamarco Jones. And Spence and the rest of the De La Salle team are excited about the upcoming season.

"I am really just excited because we have a lot of great players coming back and everyone is working really hard, no one has been bigger than the team, we are working towards one common goal," Spence said.

He added, "I would say as a team we want to win the Catholic League first, then after that making the playoffs and winning the state championship which is the goal of any team."

And as for the summer, Spence has several visits he wants to plan.

"I know in the summer I am planning on visiting a few places and throwing in the summer," Spence said. "I am trying to schedule around our team practices. I don't want to miss practice reps with our team."

Spence started playing varsity for De La Salle as a sophomore, and looking back there are plenty of things he has learned.

"The speed of the game has definitely slowed down from when I first started my sophomore year, jumping up to varsity my sophomore year, the speed of the game was much faster," Spence said. "I am able to make my reads quicker and better, and overall having the leadership aspect down now that I am the older teammate the game has really slowed down."

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