Dillon is Stevenson's Next

2015 Stevenson (Ill.) defensive lineman Nick Dillon is one to keep an eye on as his recruitment continues.

Stevenson (Ill.) High is known for producing talented football players, and there is no exception in the class of 2015.

Sophomore defensive lineman Nick Dillon is one of the next in line.

"I've heard from every school in the Big Ten, Maryland, Georgia, Iowa State, Vanderbilt, Notre Dame, Western Michigan, Toledo, Ball State, and Boston College," Dillon said.

So what is it about Dillon that schools are liking? "Many BCS coaches have told me they like my foot speed a lot so that's one thing and also my football IQ" Dillon said. "I love watching film and studying the game."

But that isn't it about football that Dillon likes.

"The fact that I can watch great players before me and replicate their hand moves is something I love to observe," Dillon said. "Also my tenacity, I play the game with power. I don't care if you're 5'5 or 6'11 I'm getting to the ball carrier."

There is one player that Dillon particularly enjoys watching and modeling his game after.

"Warren Sapp," Dillon reflected."He's real quick off the ball and has great hands."

Dillon is getting interest at the defensive tackle position, a position that he focuses on at Stevenson.

Plus, the sophomore recently took several visits, including to Western Michigan, Illinois, Northwestern, and Notre Dame.

"What Coach Fleck is doing at Western is great. He's completely picking the program from the bottom and I like that a lot," Dillon said. "Plus he's a young coach so he relates to me as a player and person easily and has great energy."

And as for Illinois, Dillon liked that visit as well.

"Illinois was good also. They've seen some adversity with coaches leaving and they've handled it well so far," Dillon said.

He continued about Northwestern.

"Northwestern was a cool visit. Coach Fitz has been around football for many years and knows exactly what he's doing," Dillon said. "Northwestern is a great program and you could definitely feel that family vibe. Northwestern also has great academics."

Lastly, Dillon reflected on Notre Dame.

"I tried to take a visit more on a personal level so I went with Mark Green (Cameron Green's dad). He played for Notre dame and showed me and Cam all around the campus," Dillon said. "Notre Dame had a beautiful campus and I already knew about their academics."

And what exactly will Dillon be looking for in a school in the coming years?

"Well the graduate success rate is most important. Academics comes first because at some point football ends whether it is in the pros or 8th grade," Dillon said. "Also how the staff carries themselves. When I go there it should feel like my second home."

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