Morrissey Talks Legacy Offer, Top Three

Lincolnshire Stevenson (Ill.) class of 2014 standout Matt Morrissey talks about his latest offer from Michigan State, and where the Spartans fit on his list along with where he may play position wise in college.

Matt Morrissey added an offer from Michigan State on Wednesday, an offer that gives him the opportunity, if he chooses, to continue a family lineage as his father Jim Morrissey was a stand out for the Spartans and his sister is currently a student-athlete there now.

"Our house has been a Spartan house," he said. "It's fun, I've been there before and I'm very familiar with the school. My sister is there now playing basketball, so I've visited before, I know it well and they have an awesome campus."

As for the football side, Morrissey says, "It's very exciting. They have a great program. Coach Dantonio is an awesome coach and I respect him so much. It's been a great process and it's kind of been picking up for me."

At 6'3, 185-pounds, Morrissey was an All-State selection a year ago, excelling at wide receiver and safety. Some have speculated that his frame may allow him to grow into other positions in college as well. The Spartans see no need to decide on a position for him right now.

"Strictly, right now, they have me as just an athlete. They'll have me practice with them, develop, and find a spot for me either on offense or defense. They like me at wideout, but also see me playing defense potentially, so we could see that as well. It's all how I develop and they'll evaluate me as best they can."

Morrissey's brother played at Boston College and he says he has a lot of comfort there as well as at Illinois, his first BCS offer and in-state school. As a result, it's no surprise those schools top the list right now.

"My top three are Illinois, Boston College and MSU in no order. Those three are up there. Those schools are great schools. It's exciting this whole process and I hope to narrow it down a little bit, but I'm talking to more schools, Wisconsin, Iowa, I just got off the phone with Indiana, so it's heating up."

Morrissey hopes to make it to East Lansing again soon, saying, "Probably not this weekend, it's kind of late notice, I don't know if my dad will be able to bring me up there, but possibly next weekend or the weekend after that. My sister has to get back there for basketball, so I'm sure I can hitch a ride and meet the coaches and talk to them again."

Previously, Morrissey said he would hope to make a decision before the season starts. The Spartan offer gives him a little more to think about and gives the Spartan alums and future alums in his family some ammunition to do some light razzing of him as well.

"They like to poke fun a little bit but really just let it be my decision and I appreciate that from them. They let me pick the best spot for me. It's not them that's going to be there the next four years, so they're happy with me making my own decision."

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