NFTC Columbus: Top Five Offensive Linemen

After going back over the film from the NFTC in Columbus (Ohio) on Sunday we name our Top Five offensive linemen.

Offensive linemen in one-on-one battles in events like the NFTC as at a disadvantage for the most part.  However, there are always a few that are able to step forward and give defensive linemen fits during the day.

Here are our Top Five offensive linemen from the day.

Martesse Patterson – Columbus (Ohio) Marion-Franklin

There was no mistaking Patterson as the top offensive lineman for the day as he did great during one-on-one drills.  Physical conditioning is a concern as he carries too much upper body weight.  However, he keeps a good base and is a natural bender.  When he stays within himself he has a chance to dominate in these types of events. 



Sterling Jenkins – Pittsburgh (PA) Baldwin (Class of 2015)

If there was ever a player that passes the look test its Jenkins.  While still young and with much growth ahead of him, Jenkins is a prospect who will continue to be in high demand in the next two years.  It was easy to see the potential Jenkins possesses and we expect even more from him going forward.  Remember, this is not a finished product and there is much technique work needed for him to reach the potential to dominate.


Kyle Trout – Lancaster (Ohio)

This is not the type of event made for players like Trout and many may have walked away with concern about his overall ability.  However, when you break him down its easy to see he’s not a true left tackle and more of a power player at the next level.  When Trout moved over to the right side he did a better job on the edge and projects as a right tackle or inside player at the next level.

Nathaniel Devers – Massillon (Ohio) Washington

We found Devers in great shape and that helped him during one-on-one drills show better than many expected.  There is still some fine tuning needed with technique but the future looks bright as Devers continues to work on his craft.


Cameron Bell – Nordonia (Ohio) Macedonia (Class of 2015)

Bell is a lot like Kyle Trout in size but is already showing above average technique for a player at this stage in his development.  Bell does a great job of setting a solid base but at times allows defenders to get too far inside.  While Bell lined up doing work at left tackle, we see his future on the right side as a true power player.

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