Grimm Talks List Trimming Time

Bethel Park (Pa.) High offensive tackle Michael Grimm talks about when he will trim his offer list, and which schools he talks to the most.

Bethel Park (Pa.) High offensive tackle Michael Grimm is yet to trim his list, but he has an idea when he wants to begin to narrow things down.

The 6-foot-6, 310-pound Grimm, who said he continues to stay in contact with a lot of schools, added he doesn't plan to make a decision until after his senior season.

"I have a set a date to make my top five, that's right before we start camp on Aug. 13," Grimm said. "Any time during that whole week before, I definitely want to have my top five but I don't think I'm going to take any (official) visits until after the season so I don't have a lot on my mind. It will be just those five schools."

Grimm's offer list includes a mélange of schools from BCS conferences, including Arizona, Boston College, Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Pittsburgh, Rutgers, South Florida, Vanderbilt, Virginia, West Virginia and Wisconsin.

And there is one school he talks to the most.

"Probably Pitt," he said. "I talk to West Virginia a lot, too. I pretty much talk to everyone, though."

Grimm is trying to come up with a visit schedule, but he is also set to visit West Virginia on July 27.

"They're a school that is close to home but they're in the Big 12, so it's a difference conference for this area," Grimm said. "This is usually all ACC and Big East. Being the Big 12, it's a really good schedule. That's where a lot of the good competition is, and there's a lot of good defenses in the Big 12."

The program Grimm knows the best, though, is nearby Pittsburgh, and he is in constant communication.

"They want me to know how much they like me," Grimm said. "It's not that they're pushing stuff on me. It's just that I'm always talking to somebody from there on Facebook, or they ask me if I can call. It's just days and stuff like that and it's a convenient place to get to. It's easy to do, and you don't have to get a plane ticket to go there."

Grimm also picked up a Wisconsin offer lately, and he said the history of the school is intriguing, but he is curious to watch them this season under a new staff.

"There are really good linemen, but at the same time, all the coaches that were at Wisconsin are now at Pitt," he said. "But Wisconsin is still in the Big Ten, and they still have a pretty notorious name. I think they're pretty seasoned (as an offensive line) before the new coaches came in because there were a few classes of kids who where there when (Pittsburgh offensive line) coach (Jim) Huber was there."

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