BYU offers Kavika Fonua

Syracuse High School safety Kavika Fonua was named MVP at the Mountain West Elite Camp after putting on a show. He recently was named MVP at a Nike camp due to his performance and after recording the second-highest SPARQ rating at the Nike camp at Oregon State. Last Monday, BYU extended him his first scholarship offer.

It's been a long time coming for Kavika Fonua. The 5-foot-11-inch, 200-pound safety with great instincts and decent speed has made many attempts to promote his abilities over the past year or so. It has now finally paid off.

"I got an offer from BYU last Monday," said Fonua. "I'm just really excited knowing that I have the chance to play football and get my education paid for at the college level. It's been a long ride for me so far and I'm just excited. It's been dreamy."

Fonua had a busy week last week.

"First I went down to BYU's Junior Day on Friday, but I had to just say hi and bye because I was going down to the Nike camp in Oregon," Fonua said. "I scored one of the highest SPARQ ratings at the Nike camp up at Oregon State. I got MVP for defensive back at the camp too. We did drills and one-on-ones and things like that. That was for my performance and for my SPARQ score at the camp. I scored 119 at the Nike Camp in Oregon, but the one where I scored among the highest in the nation was at the Texas Nike camp where I scored a 123.3. I think it stands nationally, but I'm like 13th overall in the top ratings.

"I did really well and was named the MVP of the Nike combine. When I came back, and right after my flight, I spoke to BYU and set up a meeting with them on Monday. Then they offered me on Monday."

Sitting in Coach Mendenhall's office, Fonua answered a few questions from BYU's head coach. After some candid discourse, Coach Mendenhall handed Fonua a piece of paper to read.

"He first was pounding me with questions like, ‘What are you looking for in a school?' or ‘What would you like to have in a school?' What I ended up saying was, ‘BYU is the place to go.' It was really good. He then made me read this paper that said that I was receiving an offer from BYU.

"It was wild! It was really different for me because it all finally paid off. I was really excited about the offer and just happy that it all worked out in the end after trying so hard."

After attending Junior Day and camp activities over the past years, as well as taking unofficial visits to BYU over spring camp and attending various other football camps, Fonua's efforts have finally paid off.

"It means a lot to me," Fonua said about his offer. "It's exciting and at the same time it's a humbling experience to know that they want me to play football for them."

Mendenhall told Fonua to spend some time before deciding whether to commit to BYU.

"After we got all done talking he said, ‘I don't want you to commit right now since your dad isn't here. I want you to talk things over with your parents before you call me back and want to commit to BYU.'"

So, Fonua will be doing just that.

"I'm going to talk things over with my parents, so I want to wait a little bit longer," Fonua said. "I don't want to jump the gun or anything, and I just want to see if it's right or not."

BYU currently has a couple of offers out. One is for Alijah Holder of Oceanside High School, while another is for Josh Schlueter of Notre Dame High School. It's hard to say how many safeties BYU will take in this class given the amount of scholarships available.

"I'm just taking my time and I'm not sure when I'll make a final decision," Fonua said. "I'm going to go up to Utah's camp and then to the All-Poly Camp. After that I'll then go to BYU's camp and then be done with everything. I'll probably make a decision sometime after that."

After graduating next year from Syracuse, Fonua will take a two-year hiatus from football.

"Yeah, I plan on going on a mission, then coming back to play football," said Fonua. "I'm just really excited and this is a great opportunity for me."

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