Cheadle Chats About Well Thought Out Decision

The Missouri Tigers 11th football commitment for their recruiting class of 2014 put a lot of thought into his recruiting process, and in the end, came to his decision to become a Tiger based on it being the most logical choice for him. has the details behind it.

When Lee's Summit (MO) West 2014 Cornerback Logan Cheadle made the call to Missouri head coach Gary Pinkel to let him know that he was ready to commit and be a Tiger, he had only just come to that conclusion a half hour before himself.

"I had been thinking about it a lot obviously for about the past month and going back and between the two schools, and a final decision really didn't happen until thirty minutes before I committed and I just felt it was time," said Cheadle."So, I called Coach Pinkel and told him I was coming to Missouri and I think it surprised him a little. He was very excited to hear the news, and I remember thinking, he has had a lot of big time recruits commit to him, but he's excited about me. It was pretty cool. Then he told me to call Coach Hill and tell him, so I did, and luckily he was with Coach Ford, so I was able to talk to both and let them know. Coach Hill's first words were "what took you so long", which was pretty funny."

The talented cover corner had agonized over his choices for the past month, but in the end, it was a well thought out process that led him to finally picking Missouri.

"In the end, Missouri was were I really wanted to be and where I felt I would be the best fit. I love the challenge of playing in the SEC against the best competition and proving that I belong there. I have had a lot of people tell me that I was a Big 12 cornerback because of my size, but I don't feel that way and I am going to show them. I did really enjoyed my unofficial visit to Iowa State and really liked their coaching staff. They were very personable and  good people, plus I liked their facilities that were top notch. I also loved Mizzou and the coaches and everything that they have going on there. So, I made a list of pros and cons and put everything on paper, and in the end, Mizzou was the school for me," he said.

Logan credited his support system for helping him make such a logical decision.

"Both my parents and Coach Boehm have really been helpful in my recruiting process, and just helping me come up with making my decision. My Mom is really excited because she wanted me to go to Mizzou all along, and Coach Boehm, despite being a Mizzou fan, just helped provide me with the information I needed to help make the right choice. My Dad just wanted me to make what I felt was the best decision for me and none of them pushed me. It really allowed me to take the emotion out of it and pick the school that was best for me," said Cheadle.

With his decision out of the way, Cheadle has two things on his mind now he will focus on.

"First and foremost is helping to lead my team to a state championship in 2013. We have some 7 on 7 stuff and then it's getting ready for our season. I will also do everything I can to help bring all the other Lee's Summit West guys with me. I am not sure where Monte's mind is at since he is gone all summer with baseball, but I am going to try and get him to join me and Kevin Pendleton at Mizzou. Also, me and Ryan Williams are really good friends. We talk a lot and I know Ryan likes Mizzou and has an offer already, so I will continue to work him to join us at Missouri."

Logan Cheadle is Missouri's 11th commitment for Missouri's 2014 class.

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