New offer slows Bailey's recruitment

Quinn Bailey's most recent offer has slowed down his recruitment. Read on to see why that is, which campus he likes most, and more.

As the summer kicks into full gear, the recruiting process may be dying down for some, but for others, like Gilbert Higley offensive tackle Quinn Bailey, recruiting is getting more complicated with new offers.

"My recruitment has been going good heading into the summer," Bailey said. "I just got an offer from Arizona State. It was one I was wanting for a while, so that was great to get."

The lineman had been waiting for the Sun Devils to offer him a scholarship, but was still taking visits and looking at other schools. Now that he has the opportunity to play for ASU, his decision got that much harder.

"It was an offer that I really wanted," he said. "It's going to be a lot harder to make a decision now.

"Now that I have more offers and I have seen other campuses, I have more options. I have seen some other things out there and I just have to evaluate everything."

Previously, Bailey had stated that he wanted to stay in the state of Arizona for his college career. As his recruitment has grown, his ideas on the issue have changed.

"There are some good things about playing in state," he said. "I know I said before that I wanted to stay in Arizona, but I also see the benefits of leaving, so I can go somewhere out of state as well. I just want to feel comfortable with it."

Both in state schools may have a small edge over the others, but neither stands out against each other.

"As far as Arizona and ASU go, both are pretty even right now," Bailey said. "I like both schools and I like both sets of coaches.

"I'm probably going to have to go to some practices and see a few games. It's going to be a longer process now, but I'm looking forward to learning more about the schools."

Bailey talks to the Wildcat coaches on a regular basis. They discuss everyday things in addition to the coaches trying to get the lineman on campus.

"I talk to Coach Ragle, Coach Jim Michalczik, and Rich Rodriguez at Arizona," Bailey said. "They talk to me about how my life is going and tell me how much they want me to come down there and visit them. It's nice to talk with them.

"I will definitely have to get down there for the opening of the new facilities. I have seen some things, but I want to see how it looks as a completed project."

The high school senior has taken a few trips to schools he is interested in. He has been to five schools, but one stood out about the rest.

"I've been to the U of A, ASU, University of Washington, Oregon and USC for a camp," he said. "The University of Washington stood out the most.

"The campus was really nice and clean. It was really modern and I liked that. It was just an interesting visit."

Bailey doesn't have a timetable for his decision and couldn't name any leaders. He is taking his time with the process and wants to learn more about the schools before he commits.

"I don't really have any top schools right now," he said. "I need to sit down and look at things and try to cut it down a little bit.

"I'm not sure when I want to decide yet. I want to take some official visits and see some games. I think it is going to be important to get to meet some players and see how we get along as well."

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