Fall Preview: Belton (Tex.)

Belton (Tex.) head coach Rodney Southern goes in-depth on a few players to keep an eye on this fall, including recent Texas Tech offensive lineman commit Justin Murphy...


Offensive lineman Justin Murphy recently committed to Texas Tech.

Says Southern of Murphy, "The biggest thing with Justin is that he played last year at 6'5", 255. Now he's about 270 and hopefully by the end of the summer, he'll be 285. He had a lot of offers. He'll be the leader of our offensive line.

"We are going to try to leave him at right tackle, because that is where he feels the most comfortable. He's been a great leader this off-season; he's finally growing into his body. He's another one of our guys who won't be seventeen until August. He's young, but he'll definitely be a big-time player."


Receiver Andre Ewing has been camping and receiving attention from programs, including Baylor, Navy, Oklahoma State, and Texas.

On Ewing,"He had a good spring. The biggest thing is that he is the guy now. He played a lot last year, but he's in a different role. We lost a good tight end and two good receivers, so he's had to step into a bigger role. He's gotten bigger, and he's still working on that.

"He's got great hands and a lot of growth potential. He's still young; maturity will help a lot. He was limited last year, so his stats as a junior were not tremendous, but this year he will be our go to guy, so that will help him statistically. He has a lot of Division-1 schools liking him," he said.


There are two 2016 prospects whom Southern feels have strong potential: offensive lineman Zach Shackelford and running back Olajuwon Taylor.

"Zach played for us a freshman. In 27 years, I've never had a freshman play for us. Zach is a super smart kid, will probably play guard for us. He can realistically play forty or fifty high school football games by the time he is done. If he can stay healthy, he will be a definite D-1 prospect. He also has tremendous grades.

"Olajuwon has great hands; we've been blessed with kids who can catch. He runs very well. He's still young, but he loves the weight room.

"Both of their futures are tremendously bright."


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