Improvement Plan

Kettering Fairmont offensive lineman Jeff Duncan hits every summer camp with a plan and an open mind to coaching. He's hoping that adaptability, along with strong performances and a good start to his senior season, will result in scholarship offers.

Jeff Duncan participated in West Virginia's recent one-day camp, and found some differences in the techniques taught by Mountaineer line mentor Ron Crook.

"I really liked working with Coach Crook," Duncan said. "He teaches a unique style of run blocking. For example, when someone cuts across your face, he taught us to bring your back leg through and get through their hip. Other coaches I've had just want you to stay square. Initially it felt a little unnatural, but I was able to pick it up."

Duncan's ability to assimilate coaching is high on his list of attributes. He notes that he heads in to every camp with the thought of being sound on fundamentals, such as keeping a wide base and steps short and choppy, but that he's always looking for tips and lessons that he can bring into his own game. For example, at Purdue, he was taught an adjustment to his stance that made it more difficult for defensive linemen to get a read on whether the play call was a run or a pass, which should help him as he enters his senior season.

Duncan has recorded some good camp performances this year, although he did say that he thought his showing at West Virginia was just average. A busy schedule, which included a consecutive week's worth of showings, may have contributed a bit of fatigue into his work, but he does think some offers are forthcoming.

"I do believe I am close with a lot of MAC schools," he said of the recruiting process. "I feel like it is going well now, and that when camps are done and coaches are able to evaluate everyone that I will get some offers. The coaches at West Virginia seemed very positive with me, and said they would stay in contact."

A natural lefthander, Duncan is a solid prospect for the left tackle position, although he can play both sides, and has manned the right side at times during his career.

Duncan is also eyeing a strong start to his senior season, which would allow him to assemble new highlight tape for viewing. His primary goal is to help Fairmont win a championship, which has been an unrealized goal for a number of years.

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