Dillon plans to visit BYU in July

Most recruits are currently busy at this time of the year visiting various college campuses for football camps in the hopes that they'll make an impression. One such athlete that's been hitting the camp circuit in June is Kinkaid High School cornerback Thomas Dillon, who plans to visit BYU.

Thomas Dillon has been very busy over the past several weeks working out for coaches at various universities.

"I'm currently just busy with camps right now," said Dillon. "I've been doing a lot of camps. I've been out to Baylor, SMU, Texas Tech, U.C. Berkley and TCU. There's been quite a few. Other than that I'm pretty much done but still have the two camps left to go to. I'll be going to the Minnesota camp on the 19th, and the USC Rising Stars camp on the 25th. Most of July will then be spent on making unofficial visits."

Dillon wants to gather as much information as possible before making a decision on where he'll play college ball.

"My latest offer is Wake Forrest," said Dillon. "BYU has offered me, [as have] Fresno State, Colorado, North Texas and Texas State so far. I'm not planning on going to Fresno State or BYU's camp because I think it would be too late. I am trying to get out to BYU and Fresno State in July.

"I'm going to be making a visit to North Texas because we have a seven-on-seven tournament in Dallas. I'm going to be hitting up North Texas this weekend. Then on the 11th and 12th we'll be going to a tournament with the public schools in state and we're going to go to Texas State those days.

"I'll then try and get out to Fresno State and BYU and the other colleges that have offered me. I don't have a specific date but I do have plans to visit those schools. I just have to figure that part out first. I want to get to all the schools that have offered me in the month of July."

Dillon has been in contact with a couple of BYU's coaches.

"Coach Howell and Coach Holliday are talking to me," Dillon said. "I spoke to Coach Howell and let him know that I'm coming out there in July. He was happy to hear that. I still have to call up Coach Holliday and let him know though. I was supposed to come out there for Junior Day on June 6th, but I wasn't able to make it out there because I had to take the ACT test."

Dillon has heard rumblings here and there that both Fresno State and BYU view him as one of their top cornerback.

"Fresno State really likes me and they're saying I'm one of their top DB recruits on their list," Dillon said. "They definitely want me to get on their campus and have me talk to their coaching staff and stuff like that.

"With BYU, I want to say I'm their number one corner there. I think that's what I heard from them. They definitely want to get me on campus as well and said it's beautiful. They said their campus and environment would definitely help persuade me towards them, but that's something that I would have to see for myself."

Meanwhile, before Dillon heads out on his July campus visiting tour, he will continue to evaluate his options.

"Before I go I want to sit down with my parents and make a list of what to look for and what I want in a college," said Dillon. "As of right now I'm not really sure and should know more as I get more familiar with everything. I know football is a big part of it but I don't think it's the biggest thing. I would have to say the biggest thing would be academics. I'll then try and get some idea before I go on my visits so I can have a list of what to look for. I want to get everything done before the end of July."

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