Fountain Still Pushing for First Offer

After winning a pair of state championships at the WIAA individual track meet, Madison Memorial wide receiver Daurice Fountain has been busy on the camp circuit, including a stop at the University of Wisconsin.

MADISON - Madison Memorial wide receiver Daurice Fountain admits he is a raw athlete. A relative newbie to the football field, the 6-1, 170-pound Fountain is still getting use to playing receiver, learning the nuisances of the position and transforming his body.

When it comes to his speed, Fountain is ahead of the curve. A conference champion in four events this past spring, Fountain won the state individual title in the 110 meter hurdles and the long jump, utilizing track to help him develop as an athlete.

"I have progressed really well and track has helped me get faster," Fountain told Badger Nation. "At Pittsburgh I ran a 4.5 40, and that's one of my fastest times yet. Track has taught me about real speed. I just used to run without any form or technique. Now that I have the full technique, it's helped me run well and all the attention from the state meet has given me a good vibe with the coaches."

One of the many in-state prospects to go through one of the Badgers' high school camps, Fountain's one-day camp consisted of him testing in the 40-yard dash, the broad jump and a variety of routes that consisted of curls, fades and hitches.

"I could have had a better 40, but the broad jump I did at 10-2," said Fountain. "Coach Beatty really wanted to see our hands and our route running ability. We did a couple one-on-ones and I think I really excelled at that. No cornerback there could guard me to tell the truth. It was pretty fun. We did some 7-on-7 at the end and I think I showed my ability to make plays against opposing defenses."

Having been in plenty of contact with secondary coach Ben Strickland over the past several months, Fountain got to start building his relationship with wide receivers coach Chris Beatty.

"I talked to him before the camp," Fountain said of Beatty. "He said that he really liked me, he had been watching me for awhile and wish I could have stayed all three days because the one-day camp was pretty short."

After feeling he was close to a Wisconsin offer heading into the summer, Fountain believes an offer could come his way if he has a strong fall football season.

"I think I am a little closer," he said. "I don't think I had a chance to show off my true ability at Wisconsin, but I've been talking to coach Strickland a lot and he's been saying they are going to come out to a couple of my games. There was a lot of good conversation and they said they were impressed by what I was doing in track. Overall it was really good. Our relationship is building a lot."

In addition to Wisconsin and Pittsburgh, Fountain has done camps at Michigan, North Dakota State, Northern Illinois and the Nike Football Training Camp. He plans to camp at Iowa State on July 19 and possibly stops at Illinois State and Minnesota. He is still searching for his first offer.

"A lot of division 2 schools have been contracting me, but it's been a slow process," said Fountain. "It's kind of frustrating knowing that I am so close to an offer from a lot of these schools but I don't have one yet. It's pushing me harder to work out. A lot of coaches have been telling me to be patient, but seeing a lot of kids around the area getting offers before me is kind of frustrating."

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